4 Best Places to Go for Shopping in Tokyo

From traditional crafts to trendy fashion, vivid anime goods, branded goods and cutting-edge electronics items, you have a shop in Tokyo practically for anything and everything. However, you may not get the goods at the price range of your desire.

Tokyo’s varied cityscapes also serve as the shopping districts with their own specialities and characteristics. So, if you are in Tokyo, the first thing you need to do is to familiarise with different shopping places and prepare yourself for a shopping spree in this ever energetic and bustling city.

Followings are some of the most popular places for shopping in Tokyo Japan, take a look:

Shinjuku – Probably Tokyo’s Largest Shopping and Entertainment District

In the vicinity of Shinjuku Station, which is a major transportation hub and world’s busiest train station, this district houses major department stores and flagship stores of big companies. You could also walk in the outlets of Japan’s major electronics retailers and many other shops and boutiques. Most shops are along the streets and underground shopping arcades.

Picture Source: bit.ly/19eoYNI

Picture Source: bit.ly/19eoYNI

Shibuya – Hub of Youth Fashion

Next to Shibuya Station, this shopping district is the place where youth fashion trends in Japan origin from. There are many celebrated and trend-setting apparel stores such as Shibuya 109 and other small fashion stores along the streets. You can find several small boutiques and high fashion and designer brands through Aoyama and Daikanyama. The atmosphere in here is quiet and passive in comparison with Shibuya’s electric brightness.

Picture Source : bit.ly/1aKDobn

Picture Source : bit.ly/1aKDobn

Harajaku – Youth Trends vs High Fashion and Street Culture

This fashion district caters to the needs of different kind of shoppers. At the Omotesando, famous as Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees, there are upscale boutiques, cafes and a host of top designer outlets along its tree lined avenue. Then there is Takeshita Dori, a hub of youth fashion and street culture. Most shops are crammed along a narrow street and target teenage and younger crowd.

Image Source : bit.ly/1ePOl0A

Picture Source : bit.ly/1ePOl0A

Ginza – Tokyo’s Leading Upscale Shopping District

The Ginza is the home to upscale department stores, art galleries, boutiques and designer brand stores. You can find almost every top international and native brand showing a presence here. The major electronics brands such as Sony and Apple also have a presence in the Ginza. The shopping district stretches to Yurakucho area with more boutiques, electronic retailers and department stores.

Picture Source: bit.ly/18yiCO2

Picture Source: bit.ly/18yiCO2

You can find different varieties of products at different price range at these shopping centres. So, if you are visiting Tokyo, do not forget to walk in to these world famous shopping places.


Buy a Discerning Range of Products at Japanese Marketplaces

Are you on a trip to Japan? You must be looking to visit a few marketplaces to buy exclusive Japanese products. Whether you are looking to buy gifts and souvenirs, fashion apparels, toys or furniture, Japan has several places to shop around and find out what you are looking for.

If you are currently putting up at Tokyo or other big cities in Japan, you have many marketplaces to go to. Shopping in Japan is easy and comparatively cheaper than most other developed countries. Besides earlier mentioned products, you can find a lot of food products, gadgets and other things at the marketplaces.

However, you can go through a few guidebooks on Japan to know about shopping in Japanese market. They provide you a through and depth information about shopping in Japan and where to find the products you are looking for.

Shopping Places in Japan

MOTTAINAI – Green project in Japan:

If you are missing the markets of London, go to MOTTAINAI festa. Though it is not a marketplace but chances are you can find a vast range of products at the place where it is being organised. The MOTTAINAI festa this year was held at Akihabara UDX building. Besides being educational, this event is also family friendly with many workshops. You can buy stuffed toys, which are made with the use of recycled toys and other materials, for your kids. There is a wide variety of dessert objects available at the workshops. These objects are made using clay and can be useful as a memo stand if a pin is added. You can also buy and sell your products on their website.



In the vicinity of Tokyo station, KITTE is a new landmark in the capital city of Tokyo. Originally known as Old Tokyo Central Post Office, KITTE has been made functional with a unique concept of introducing highly skilled products. On the 5th and 6th floors of building, there are many restaurants selling a wide range of cuisines. When you come down, you have several shops to buy clothes and gifts and souvenirs from. At Nakagawa Masashichi Shouten, you can find exciting collection of kitchen ware while go to CLASKA gallery & shop “DO” for buying tote bags. This building also houses Gelato Pique, where you can find a great collection of fashionable apparels. Similarly, there are many other shops in this building.



While on the trip to Japan, you cannot afford to miss the marketplaces at Okinawa. You can go to Ishigaki, though it is not as big as Naha but you can walk around the shopping places easily. All the shops are spread around the Euglena Mall in main 3 streets. There are several boutiques and shops available with discerning range of products. You will like to buy a few presents for your loved ones.

Okinawa MARKET

There are many other marketplaces in the Japan. To know about them you can visit a few blogs from Japan.

Plenty of Choices at Upscale Furniture Shops in Japan

Japan over the years has surfaced on the global platform as tourism hub. Millions of people from around the world throng this country every year. Some come here for tourism, some for business purposes and others flock this country in search of better career opportunities and for higher studies. Yes, Japan also provides great opportunities to job seekers as well as students.

So, if you are the one planning a move to Japan or have already arrived in the country, finding an accommodation facility will never be a worry to you. In fact, there are several housing societies to offer lodging facilities. So, when you got a place to live, you will like to maintain the lifestyle you have been exercising for long.

Refurnishing your new flat is high up on your agenda. Now you have to search the places where you can find affordable yet classy design of furniture. After looking at so many options, you will feel like furniture shopping in Japan is not really a tough task.

Truck Furniture for vintage and minimalistic design of furniture

If you are in or around Osaka, Truck Furniture is a must-visit place. Selling the minimalistic, vintage and industrial design of furniture sets is the forte of this upscale furniture shop. You will fall in love with the place by having a look at the inspiring showroom. Even if you like to buy the entire showroom, the classy design of centre piece objects will catch your attention the most.

Go for contemporary designs at Pour Annick

Pour Annick is another option available to you. Located in Meguro, you can visit this place for the contemporary designs directly from the European market. The centre of attraction at this showroom is sculptures-like stools. Besides this eye catching product, their sofas are also a perfect way to add colours to your room.


The Gallup to spruce up interior design

People moved in and around Tokyo can go to the Gallup for sell paints, wooden materials and tiles. The nearest one is in Monzennakacho. This is the best shop, if you like to add a bit of DIY to the interiors of your new flat.

The Stanley takes care of your personal choices

The Stanley is for the one, who is looking for certain design of sofas. Established in the year 1994, Stanley is known for in and out designer sofa products. They are also an experienced hand in the upholstering of sofas and chairs. You have plenty of textiles to make a choice from.

mshop4_big (1)

Attractive collections of Rigna feature in interior-design magazines

Many interior design magazines publish the Rigna’s bird nest lampshades. These attractive pieces are quite a thing to beautify the interior of your new flat. Their bedroom collection is also quite interesting. Similar to the pattern of Warren Evans collection, the Pronto collection available at Rigna is eye catching and for a comfortable living.


There are several other places in Japan to buy beautiful, classy and designer furniture sets. All of the products available in these showrooms are cost effective and affordable.

Japan: Every Shopaholic’s Dream Come True

If you are a shopaholic and going to spend holidays in Japan, you will have plenty of options to shop around in the country. Japan is a shopper’s paradise. There are umpteenth number of places to buy choicest clothes and souvenirs.

Japan is known globally as a shopaholic country. The street smart people of Japan throng various shops on the lanes. You can find anything and everything in these shops.

Take a look at some of the most popular shopping places in Japan

KITTE: This newly refurbished building has become a major centre of attraction amongst tourist. You do not only have its beauty to see but there are ample amount of opportunities for you to shop around as well. There is a shop named Nakagawa Masashichi Shouten that is famous for a wide range of kitchen ware. The entire range of timeless products is built with traditional values and skill.


On the 4th floor, there is CLASKA gallery and shop “DO”, where you can buy printed tote bags. The Gelato Pique has a vast collection of designer clothes. Then there is Double Standard Clothing available with great range of spring collection.

Marketplaces in Tokyo: If you are there in Japan during the months of Christmas, you will not have any sort of difficulty in buying Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones. The Shibuya Loft is a wonderful place in Tokyo to buy a various Christmas gifts. They sell exclusive products from Japan, Europe and USA.


You can buy some of the most striking iPhone covers and wooden alarm clocks from this place. Other items to purchase from this shop include nanoblock, Honore des Pres, lunch boxes and several other items.

Okinawa: This place is true shoppers’ hub. The Makishi Daiichi Kousetsu Ichiba near Kokusai Street in Naha is famous amongst the fish mongers for the varieties of fishes and other sea foods.


There is a vintage store on the alleyways that join Heiwa Street and Mutsumi Street. You can find cool vintage T-shirts and bric-a-brac at this place. It is interesting to notice that remakes, dyeing and adding patchworks of clothes are done at the back side of this shop.

Vegetable tea has caught in trend in recent times. If you have grown with a sudden like of vegetable tea on your tour, Amazon Japan is the place where you should make an order.

In a nutshell, shopping in Japan is a unique and exceptional experience. Do not forget to explore all the marketplaces on your visit to Japan.