Wonderful Places you must visit in Japan

Japan is a traveller’s paradise. The country is picturesque and considered to be the epitome of culture and tradition. A trip to this wonderful country where modernity and antiquity collide will be spellbinding and a life changing experience for you. There are many places in Japan that are worth visiting. As Japan is an amalgamation of beauty and history, the tourist spots in the technological capital of the world are breathtaking and really exciting.

Here are a few places that you must visit while you are in Japan:

Great Buddha of Kamakura

If you like to visit places that are culturally inclined, Japan is the right place. If you are spiritual and like tourist spots that speak volumes about the country’s cultural past, then the Great Buddha of Kamakura is a must visit. This is a massive representation of the Amida Buddha which is an extremely popular Buddhist figure in Japan. This statue weighs 93 tonnes and is 40 feet high. The statue stands outdoors in open air. It is cast in bronze and it is a tourist hot spot.

Image Source : bit.ly/13SRjfW

Image Source : bit.ly/13SRjfW

Himeji Castle

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also called the “White Egret Castle” as it looks like a bird that is about to take flight. This is one of the ideal places to visit in Japan as it is one of the greatest examples of Japanese castle architecture. It was built in the feudal period and survived the bombings of the Second World War. This castle is the perfect place to visit if you are truly interested in history and art.

Image Source : bit.ly/15cweat

Image Source : bit.ly/15cweat

Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza captures the essence of technology and shopping in Tokyo. It is home to shops, malls and a lot of neon. It is best to visit Ginza at night as it is all lit up. If you are in Tokyo, you cannot afford to miss this place.

Image Source : bit.ly/177h1Ov

Image Source : bit.ly/177h1Ov

Japan is full of fantastic and exquisite sights and sounds. If you are planning to visit Japan, make sure that you chalk out the places you want to visit so that your trip is memorable.


Fashion Trends and Boutiques save Department Store Sector

Photo Credit : bit.ly/16z9vsY

Photo Credit : bit.ly/16z9vsY

Japan is not just known as the Land of the Rising Sun but is also considered the technological capital of the world. To many, Japan is also the epitome of culture, tradition, heritage, customs and art. However, very few know Japan for its fashion industry. The fashion in Japan is taken very seriously as the people of Japan are extremely fashion conscious. Almost everyone on the streets of Japan is well dressed and always keeps up with the trends.

Photo Credit : bit.ly/16zawRH

Photo Credit : bit.ly/16zawRH

The fashion industry of Japan does not ape the West but are deeply influenced by trends that are current in the fashion capitals of the world, namely, Paris, New York and Milan. There are many people around the world who still think that Japanese fashion is all about Kimonos, but they are thoroughly mistaken. Japanese fashion trends is extremely ‘modern’ and very ‘high street’. The department stores in Japan, this year, showed a stable growth concerning economy. The department store sector has shown a rise and that is mostly due to the fashion boutiques in the department stores.

Photo Credit : bit.ly/5MnrEf

Photo Credit : bit.ly/5MnrEf

As the people of Japan are fond of shopping, the department store sector in Japan will continue to rise. This rise or economic growth has benefitted the fashion industry of Japan tremendously. Annual sales, in the industry of department stores, have improved in sixteen years for the first time. With the escalation of internet shopping, the department store industry was in danger but it all seems pretty stable now. As internet shopping poses as huge competition to the department stores, it can be seen that loyal customers still opt to visit department stores rather than shopping over the internet.

Photo Credit : bit.ly/1f4qeWW

Photo Credit : bit.ly/1f4qeWW

While exploring Japanese fashion trends in style, it has been noticed that various major department stores are faring well in the Japanese department store sector. Fashion in Japan has always been important but it seemed to be in trouble sometime during last year. However, since that has healthily recovered, we can hope to see further rise in the department store sector. This was going to happen as shopping and fashion; both are an integral part of Japanese lifestyle. It should also be seen that the tourists in Japan, are also responsible for this rise because many of them consider Japan a hot spot when it comes to shopping. The year 2013 has so far been great for the department store sector and as we turn to the last quarter of the year, we can only hope for it to get better.

How to Cook Popular Ayu Fish with Rice Dish?


Japan is one of the most frequented locations by the foreign tourists. Foreign visitors have abundance of choice to visit picturesque locations in the country. Japanese lifestyle is major centre of attraction for the tourists. People visiting Japan get to see some unique and interesting aspects of Japanese culture and traditions.

Another striking thing about Japan is their foods. Japan is indeed a food loving nation and people there enjoy a wide variety of culinary dishes. The health conscious Japanese people are known for their particular food habits.

The food habits of Japanese people change with the season. If they like to gorge upon hot and spicy seafood dishes during the winter, fermented foods are preferred in the rainy season. In the beautiful spring season, they like to include exclusive home grown vegetables and fruits in their diet whereas summer is all about healthy and nutritious light foods and lots of fruits and vegetable intake.


Its summer in Japan and local fish market is full of different varieties of fishes. The eels and Ayu make popular Japanese food in summer. In the summer months, baked eels are eaten, as they are considered nutritious and full of vitamins to get you through the hot summer season. Ayu is loved by Japanese people for its distinctive smell like watermelon or cucumber. This variety of fish has got flesh tastes rather being sweet. The Ayu is commonly cooked on the grill but you can also get to taste Ayu cooked with rice at the country ryokans.


To prepare Ayu with rice, you need at first to de-scale it with the help of back side of knife. Then, squeeze it 1 inch above the tail and take out the excrement. Usually people eat while with guts but it depends on you how you want to eat the fish. Now, after washing the fish, dry it well and sprinkle salt on each side of the fish. You need to wash one cup of rice and soak it in a flavoured soup for almost 20 minutes after drying well. Other ingredients that you will need are 2 tablespoons of sake, 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of mirin and soy sauce, dreid kelp and two teaspoons of ginger juice and one teaspoon of salt.


Now, add the fish on the top of rice and put it on boil for a few minutes. Cook the rice at minimum heat and use sake instead of water. When rice is cooked, switch off the heat and let it rest for 5 minutes.


Now, you need to detach bones and heads from the fish and then, mix it with rice after breaking it into small pieces. You can replace the Ayu with white-fleshed fish like sea bream or others.

There are many other exclusive summer foods in Japan. Do not forget to enjoy the delicacy on your visit to Japan.

Buy a Discerning Range of Products at Japanese Marketplaces

Are you on a trip to Japan? You must be looking to visit a few marketplaces to buy exclusive Japanese products. Whether you are looking to buy gifts and souvenirs, fashion apparels, toys or furniture, Japan has several places to shop around and find out what you are looking for.

If you are currently putting up at Tokyo or other big cities in Japan, you have many marketplaces to go to. Shopping in Japan is easy and comparatively cheaper than most other developed countries. Besides earlier mentioned products, you can find a lot of food products, gadgets and other things at the marketplaces.

However, you can go through a few guidebooks on Japan to know about shopping in Japanese market. They provide you a through and depth information about shopping in Japan and where to find the products you are looking for.

Shopping Places in Japan

MOTTAINAI – Green project in Japan:

If you are missing the markets of London, go to MOTTAINAI festa. Though it is not a marketplace but chances are you can find a vast range of products at the place where it is being organised. The MOTTAINAI festa this year was held at Akihabara UDX building. Besides being educational, this event is also family friendly with many workshops. You can buy stuffed toys, which are made with the use of recycled toys and other materials, for your kids. There is a wide variety of dessert objects available at the workshops. These objects are made using clay and can be useful as a memo stand if a pin is added. You can also buy and sell your products on their website.



In the vicinity of Tokyo station, KITTE is a new landmark in the capital city of Tokyo. Originally known as Old Tokyo Central Post Office, KITTE has been made functional with a unique concept of introducing highly skilled products. On the 5th and 6th floors of building, there are many restaurants selling a wide range of cuisines. When you come down, you have several shops to buy clothes and gifts and souvenirs from. At Nakagawa Masashichi Shouten, you can find exciting collection of kitchen ware while go to CLASKA gallery & shop “DO” for buying tote bags. This building also houses Gelato Pique, where you can find a great collection of fashionable apparels. Similarly, there are many other shops in this building.



While on the trip to Japan, you cannot afford to miss the marketplaces at Okinawa. You can go to Ishigaki, though it is not as big as Naha but you can walk around the shopping places easily. All the shops are spread around the Euglena Mall in main 3 streets. There are several boutiques and shops available with discerning range of products. You will like to buy a few presents for your loved ones.

Okinawa MARKET

There are many other marketplaces in the Japan. To know about them you can visit a few blogs from Japan.