12 Things related to Japanese Lifestyle you shouldn’t miss

If you visit the land of the rising sun, you are in for a treat. A visit to Japan is an experience of a lifetime. People generally think that Japan is all about culture, heritage and tradition. However, there is so much more to Japan than just that. Japan is an amalgamation of the old and the new. When you visit Japan, there are certain places you must visit and certain things you must do. Here is a list of experiences you must try out while you are in the country.

Spot Geishas in Kyoto

If you want to see real life Geishas, then a visit to the Gion region of Kyoto is a must. If you are in luck then you will catch a glimpse a real life Geisha all decked up in their finery and dolled up with extravagant make-up. However, you must be extremely alert if you want to spot them.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1mut11U

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1mut11U

The Bullet Train

The Japanese bullets train or shinkansen in Japan is a very popular and much loved mode of transportation in Japan. The bullet train has now become a part of the lifestyle in Japan. These trains practically fly from one centre to another. The trains hit the speed of 300 kmph and this makes commuting really convenient for people who travel long distances. As centres are well connected, and the service is frequent, the bullet train is every travellers delight. If you are in Japan, you must take a ride on it.

The Shibuya Crossing

This crossing is one of the world’s busiest crossings. Made famous by the movie ‘Tokyo Drift’, this crossing is a must see during rush hour. You can actually see a gigantic ‘flood’ of people at this crossing.

Try Teppanyaki Cooking

This type of cuisine is cooked on a hot grill right in front of you. At diners, you get to sit at a common table with other diners as the chef rustles up your food right in front of you.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

You will find around 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan and each one of them is worth a visit. Don’t miss them for anything.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1fQKTDJ

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1fQKTDJ

Vending Machine Meal

Eat a hot Japanese lunch from a vending machine. Vending machines are a huge part of the lifestyle in Japan and it’s something you won’t get elsewhere.

Capsule Hotel

A capsule hotel is worth checking into. These zero frill hotels put you up in a capsule each. Again, this is something that is novel.

Tokyo Pushers

‘People Pushers’ help people get onto a train during rush hour so that they don’t miss it in the crowd. They wear blazers and gloves, another unique experience.

Picnic under Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are something that native to Japan and during the cherry blossom season, it would be criminal if you don’t picnic under one.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1e4aOnm

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1e4aOnm

Play Pachinko

Gaming is huge in Japan. You must try out a game of Pachinko at a gaming parlour. It’s pretty much like pinball.

Robots at Work

Watching robots work in an assembly line is something that we have seen on in movies but if you go to Nagoya and take a visit to the Toyota Kaikan Museum and Plant, then you can actually see this sight.

Black Eggs

At Hakone, you can catch a wonderful sight of Mount Fuji, take a relaxing bath at an Onsen and taste delicious and world renowned black eggs.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1jhN83o

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1jhN83o

If you go to Japan, you must give these 12 things a try. They are fun and will help you soak in the essence of the real Japan.


Travel Reservations in Japan Experience a Rise

Image Credit: bit.ly/1foy3bF

Image Credit: bit.ly/1foy3bF

Japan’s tourism sector is booming and the evidence is clear. According to the trains of Japan Railways Group and some of the country’s major airlines, seat reservations for the festive season have increased since last year. The data of the companies, which was presented on Friday, showed these results visibly.

According to six JR group firms, till Thursday, the seats reserved on express train and on Shinkansen trains from the dates 27 December till 5 January, 2013 has grown by six percent to a staggering 3.43 million. Seats reserved for domestic flights were also seen to go up by 17 percent to a colossal 4.13 million and reservations on international flights were seen to go up by seven percent to 790,000 for the time between 20 December and 8 January. The calendar dates have affected these figures as both 28 December and 5 January are weekends. This will allow workers to take a long break which will include the three day New Year holiday from 1 January.

Image Credit: bit.ly/18AcINg

Image Credit: bit.ly/18AcINg

According to an official of Japan Railway Co. The train reservations have increased because of the rise in tourism and the fact that people are usually go back to their hometowns during this time of the year. The official also mentioned that the number of tourists going skiing has increased over the year. The Company have also claimed that reservations of seats have increased in bullet and other trains going to the Nagano Prefecture and Tohoku region. 

Image Credit: bit.ly/1hngABv

Image Credit: bit.ly/1hngABv

However, Hokkaido Railway Co. have suffered a drop in seat reservation as the company, that was already targeted for shoddy rail checks, has reduced its number of restricted express trains, losing out on customers to a variety of buses.

Image Credit: bit.ly/J708Jh

Image Credit: bit.ly/J708Jh

Flights to Chinese destinations have drawn more customers after the Senkaku Islands issue lessened the demands earlier this year. All Nippon Airways returned to their 2011 figures with the rise in reservations and Japan Airlines enjoyed a fabulous six percent growth. Comparatively, flight reservations to South Korea dropped 12 percent at JAL because of the decline of the South Korean pop culture that was growing in popularity in Japan.

Therefore, Japan has experienced a massive growth in holiday travel reservations this year due to locals and tourists.

Lifestyle in Japan is Unusual yet Wonderful

Image Credit: bit.ly/IABtgm

Image Credit: bit.ly/IABtgm

Japan is a wonderful experience for people who visit it. If you are a tourist or are going to shift to Japan, then you must do a little bit of reading up on the country. The country is an amalgamation of the new and the old. It could be the technological capital of the world but it is also the epitome of culture, art, history, tradition, customs and heritage. To adjust well in Japan, one has to know about the people of Japan and their lifestyle in depth. If they know how the country functions, then getting around won’t be difficult. Here are a few aspects you can learn about life in Japan.

Image Credit: bit.ly/1eHipru

Image Credit: bit.ly/1eHipru

Japanese convenience stores

Japanese convenience stores or Konbini, are completely different from the ones in London or any other place. These stores are extremely important to the people there as they sell modern and essential goods to the people of Japan to make life easier for them. These stores are also a blessing to the tourists who visit Japan and the people who have shifted to the country and are new to its culture.

These stores are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can get almost anything in these stores and they also provide various services that are essential to day-to-day life. One can buy theatre or concert tickets at these stores; one can pay bills here, avail courier services and even withdraw money from the ATM. These convenience stores are a part of the lifestyle in Japan. The lives of the citizens are easy because of the conveniences the stores provide.

But That’s not All

These stores also sell unique food items and drinks. The beverages sold are either from popular beverage companies or made by them. Every single store has individual menus and secret recipes. The stores not just sell food and drink products but also cosmetics, household goods and magazines. These stores always have something new to offer. So if you are new to Japan, these stores are absolute life savers.

For Relaxation

rotenburoIf you want to relax in Japan, then you can take off to an Onsen. Onsens are hot springs in Japan and are best during winter. You can take a dip in the warm waters of the springs and unwind. You can stay at ryokans and avail of their private baths. People of Japan also visit hot springs as they believe that these waters are therapeutic.

You can find out a lot more about Japan and its people by visiting blogs on the internet. These blogs have authentic information as they are written by citizens of Japan or tourists.

Savour Japanese Cuisine to find Out its Specialty

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1iDGUsM

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1iDGUsM

One of the aspects that are most fascinating about Japan is its food. Japanese food is varied in flavour and preparation. Japanese cuisine is nothing like any of the occidental cuisines. Japanese food consists of oriental flavours, a lot of seafood and an array of different spices and herbs exclusive to Asia.

After taking a look at the entries at the Asian Food Fest, you can easily make out that Japanese food is truly one of a kind and purely Asian in form, texture and taste. Japanese cuisine consists of a variety of staples from different kinds of rice preps to a wide range of noodle. Rice and noodles is used in a various number of dishes that are incredibly delicious.

Some of the dishes that consist of rice, noodles, and different sorts of protein are:

• Gyudon

• Nabeyaki Udon

• Yakisoba

• Tonkotsu Ramen

• Matcha soba noodle salad

• Unadon

• Soboro Donburi

• Open Sushi

• Onigiri

• Omurice

• Hosomaki

• Katsudon

• Onsen Tamago Tofu

• Chicken Katsu

• Tempura (Vegetable, seafood, etc.)

• Tebasaki

• Chicken Karaage

• Daikon no Soboroni

• Buta Kakuni

• Supearibu no Nikomi

• Miso Soup

• Bacon Enoki Rolls with Teriyaki Sauce, etc.

These are some of the dishes that you must try out if you visit Japan. Various Japanese food items are available easily at restaurants and street side stalls. Japanese food can also be savoured in other countries but if you want the authentic taste, you will only get it if you eat Japanese food in Japan or made by chefs who have received training from Japan. The dishes that were presented in the Asian Food Fest are reflections of how important food is in Japanese society. You can also read up about Japanese cuisine if you are interested in knowing more about it.

The Food and View at Izu Peninsula in Simple Breathtaking

Japan is a very interesting place to visit if you like travelling the world. Japan is a mixture of the old and the new. On one hand you can see how technologically advanced it is and on the other hand, you will still find it deeply rooted in tradition, customs and history. The Japanese are a proud race and they take pride in their country. Therefore, when you visit Japan, make sure you soak in the true essence of the country.

If you are wondering, where to go in Japan, where you can take some time off, eat Japanese food and behold the beauties of the country, then you must take a trip to the Izu peninsula. The Izu peninsula is just an hour away from Tokyo, so if you are staying in the capital city, a trip to this place will be quick.

You can go to Ajiro and stay at a ryokan there but on your way to Ajiro, try and stop at Atami. This town is by the sea and it is very popular, especially with tourists. You can take a walk around town and behold Japanese buildings that have aged with time. The walking paths in the city are gorgeous and therefore you will have a fun time taking a stroll. The town is extremely charming.

starterIf you visit Atami, and love Japanese food, then you absolutely must visit a few restaurants that sell exquisite food items. A restaurant called Kamatsuru sells excellent dried fish that you must taste. It is around 150 years old and now the fifth generation runs it. Apart from the dried fish, you must try out the bottled anchovy in this place. Near Kamatsuru there is this wonderful sushi restaurant and another tempura restaurant. If you are in the Izu peninsula, you must try the red snapper.

Another restaurant called Unamasa is a specialist restaurant that has only eight seats and the delicacy they specialise in is baked eel. As the restaurant uses eels that are domestic, the produce is highly restricted. Therefore, if you want a taste of the lovely delicacy, go there during lunchtime.

The third restaurant that must make it to every foodie’s list is Tokiwagi, there specialty is sweet bean jelly. This jelly is a sweet native to Japan and is called Yokan. It is prepared with simple ingredients such as sugar, azuki beans and water, and the taste is delicate and subtle. They have various types of traditional sweets along with sweets with a modern twist.

tsukinoakari1The ryokan in Ajiro is beautiful and complements the picturesque view of the town. The rooms have open-air baths that are splendid indeed and view of the ocean from the rooms is simply breathtaking. You can eat dinner that is served Kaiseki style and there are around eight to ten dishes as each dish is rather small. Every single dish is scrumptious and will have you asking for more. So if you don’t want to visit the Izu peninsula for the view, do visit it for the amazing food that is served.

Kagurazaka Slope: One of the Greatest Tourist Attractions of Japan

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Are you planning to go to Japan anytime soon? If yes, then you might want to find out a little about the country before you visit. If you want to visit unique areas of Japan, then it is best to do an in-depth study of the place. There are various places where you can visit but if you want to go to a place that is not too crowded and something other than a castle or a colossal statue of Buddha, then you may consider taking a trip to Kagurazaka Slope. This place is in the middle of the Yamanote line in Tokyo. In this area, years ago, politicians, artists and Geishas used to mingle.

The word Kagurazaka is a combination of two words, kagura and saka. Kagura means ‘a shrine-dance to music’ and saka means ‘hill’. This area of Tokyo is very beautiful. Most of the area had to be rebuilt as it was burned during an air raid in 1920. However, even after restoration, it looks a lot like what it used to look like in the 17th century.

A Kagurazaka festival takes place on a yearly basis every July and is one of the greatest Japan tourist attractions. The festival includes a Hozuki Ichi which literally means ‘ground cherry pod festival’, and parades that feature folk dancers called Awa Odori. The area is great to explore during the time of the festival. As the events of the festival are scheduled in the evening, you can start early in the day to explore this beautiful area. This was the area where Geisha culture or Karyukai was born. Around 1910, around 600 Geisha made this area their home. In fact, till date, a few Geisha houses or Ryotei, still operate out of this area. You can also grab yourself a copy of a walking guide of this place, which will make things easier for you.

Awa Odori, the folk dance, on Kagurazaka Slope

This is the highlight of the entire festival. This local dance is performed by 15 dance troupes who parade down the Kagurazaka Dori.

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Hozuki Ichi

The Hozuki Ichi is hosted near the area around the temple Bishamonten Zenkokuji. You take a lovely stroll through the beer garden and enjoy the fair.

Picture Source: bit.ly/11qXvYZ

Picture Source: bit.ly/11qXvYZ

This is truly a unique and wonderful place to visit on your next trip to Japan. Read up on it before you go, so that it is easier for you.

Shinjuku: A Place you should visit in Japan

Picture Source : bit.ly/16vicrI

Picture Source : bit.ly/16vicrI

If you are going to Japan any time soon, first sit down and make an itinerary of the places you want to visit there. You can go online and check out a few blogs that will help you to decide which places are worth visiting.

Japan is not just a place for historical castles and spiritual temples. As it is the tech capital of the world, it is also a modernised place to visit. So, on your next trip to Japan, try visiting the modern side of the country. In Tokyo, the capital, try visiting Shinjuku, one of the busiest places on Earth. When you are in Shinjuku, try and make the best of it. Here are some places you must visit in Shinjuku.


This is a lovely store full of craft items like fabric, craft books, various supplies, craft kits, and so much more. If you are looking at a map, do not confuse it with Odakyu.

Tokyu Hands

In Times Square, Tokyo, this is a multi-floor division where you can find home ware, various kinds of stationary items, and a fantastic collection of novelty gifts.


This is in Takashimaya and is not very big but decently sized. It has simple yet good quality clothes for both girls and guys.


This is also in Takashimaya and is a small division of a very famous craft store. The main and colossal branch is in Kichijoji and is much talked about. Here you’ll find a decent range of fabrics but not as much as the main branch.

Shinjuku Gyoen

Picture Source: bit.ly/19zPe83

Picture Source: bit.ly/19zPe83

If you want to get away from all the chaos of Shinjuku, you can go to this beautiful garden for some serenity and greenery for just ¥200. By looking at the entry fee you can make out that this garden is well maintained and less crowded than other parks in the district that have no entry fee. This park has picaresque lakes and ponds and is quite big so you can either take a stroll or just simply relax.

So, before you travel to Japan, make a list of places you should visit with the help of travel guides and blogs online. This way, your trip will be more organised.