Travel Reservations in Japan Experience a Rise

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Japan’s tourism sector is booming and the evidence is clear. According to the trains of Japan Railways Group and some of the country’s major airlines, seat reservations for the festive season have increased since last year. The data of the companies, which was presented on Friday, showed these results visibly.

According to six JR group firms, till Thursday, the seats reserved on express train and on Shinkansen trains from the dates 27 December till 5 January, 2013 has grown by six percent to a staggering 3.43 million. Seats reserved for domestic flights were also seen to go up by 17 percent to a colossal 4.13 million and reservations on international flights were seen to go up by seven percent to 790,000 for the time between 20 December and 8 January. The calendar dates have affected these figures as both 28 December and 5 January are weekends. This will allow workers to take a long break which will include the three day New Year holiday from 1 January.

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According to an official of Japan Railway Co. The train reservations have increased because of the rise in tourism and the fact that people are usually go back to their hometowns during this time of the year. The official also mentioned that the number of tourists going skiing has increased over the year. The Company have also claimed that reservations of seats have increased in bullet and other trains going to the Nagano Prefecture and Tohoku region. 

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However, Hokkaido Railway Co. have suffered a drop in seat reservation as the company, that was already targeted for shoddy rail checks, has reduced its number of restricted express trains, losing out on customers to a variety of buses.

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Flights to Chinese destinations have drawn more customers after the Senkaku Islands issue lessened the demands earlier this year. All Nippon Airways returned to their 2011 figures with the rise in reservations and Japan Airlines enjoyed a fabulous six percent growth. Comparatively, flight reservations to South Korea dropped 12 percent at JAL because of the decline of the South Korean pop culture that was growing in popularity in Japan.

Therefore, Japan has experienced a massive growth in holiday travel reservations this year due to locals and tourists.


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