Stay Healthy by Cooking Food Japanese Way

Japan cuisines have evolved over the last decade. The traditional Japanese diet is known for their health benefits. The basic ingredients of Japanese diet are vegetables, tofu and fish whereas rice is the main staple. However, if you are eating out the restaurants and banquet meals, rice is eaten at the end with pickles and soup. Many households also practice this.

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Usually, rice is not served with the alcohol and Japanese people enjoy their cocktail drinks at leisure with small quantities of different varieties of foods. Meal along with rice is consumed only once the people have finished their drinks. As rice is served after drinks, people consume a reasonable amount of rice, usually only one small bowl. Again, during the lunch time, Japanese people eat less quantity of rice. This is the secret of healthy living in Japan.

However, this is not the only secret of healthy living of Japanese people. A lot depend upon how they cook their foods. Many people want to know how to cook Japanese food; the key is including healthy and quality ingredients.

Healthy Way of Cooking Food

Unlike Chinese cooking, where oil is used to stir-fry the food at high temperature, Japanese usually use water, and not oil, while cooking. The predominant techniques of cooking include raw, simmered and grilled whereas frying is occasional. For the healthy balance of meal, they generally eat only a few pieces of fried food, like tempura, along with other dishes.

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It’s because of the prevalence of water to sustain seafood and grow vegetables that Japan is available with plenty of seasonal products. Japanese have a belief that it’s healthy to include foods of different colours in every meal. In spite of using high amount of sugar in the foods, you will find that Japanese meal do not include desserts regularly. And, even if there is a dessert in the course of menu, it will consist of small pieces of fresh fruits.

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At the last, presentation is very important in Japanese culture. They tend to serve foods in small amount and more attention is given to the tableware. Wasting food is considered rude in Japan, So, if you are dining out at restaurants or have been invited to a party, order the right amount of food, neither too much nor too little.


One thought on “Stay Healthy by Cooking Food Japanese Way

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Aside from eating rice at the end of the meal, are there other foods eaten in a first or second? Does eating rice at the end of the meal help with one’s diet?

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