Plan Your Trip to Japan Before Visiting

If Japan is the next holiday destination high up in your agenda, keep in mind a few things to avoid embarrassment on your part. Here are a handful of tips which can prove handy during your stay in the land of rising sun and make your trip pleasurable.

Behaviour of Japanese People

Respect the People

It is very important that you show respect to people in Japan. They generally greet and apologise to each other by bowing heads. This is an intrinsic value of theirs. Since the childhood, Japanese people are taught to respect their elders and guests. Talking to people politely and behaving in courteous manner is important to show respect to the people.

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Table Manners

Japanese people follow particular and meticulous table manners and etiquettes. It is important to know that do not pour the beverage in your glass and start gulping down straight away at the parties. They always raise a toast before sipping their drinks. So, after taking a seat, let the waiters or waitresses do their job. They will give you an osdhibori, a small wet towel, to wipe your hands. It is imperative that you are aware of all the table manners before dining with Japanese people.

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Tipping is a strict no in Japan

Tipping the attendants at bar, restaurant, hotel or taxi is considered bad manner in Japanese society. You should keep in mind that your ignorance can cause embarrassment to the person before you.

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Using Chopsticks

Whether you go to any restaurant or have been invited at someone’s home for dining, you will notice that food is served with chopsticks. However, if you do not know how to use chopsticks, you can ask for silverware at the restaurants.

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Entering a House

Taking off shoes and other footwear at the entrance of house is an age old custom in Japan. Almost every house keeps a vestibule, where footwear is kept, at the entrance. You may be given home slippers to wear inside the house but remember to take off the home slippers before entering the tatami room or dining area. There are still some old companies and offices where you have to take off shoes before entering.

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Order and Harmony

Japanese people are very much strict in maintaining the order and harmony of society. Individualism does not find a favour in the Japanese society. You will be impressed by seeing people refraining from the usages of cell phones at public places. They avoid eating while commuting and do not blow their nose before others. There are many other habits considered as ill manners by the Japanese people.

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So, before you catch a flight to Japan it is important to go through a few blog about Japan. Some of the blogs from Japan provide you complete information on the Japanese culture, their lifestyle, places to visit, Japanese foods, etc. By reading these blogs, you will be able to plan a pleasurable trip to Japan.

Travel Blogs will Guide you in Japan

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Japan is one of most beautiful and friendly countries around the world. From biggest trading cities Tokyo and Osaka to cherry blossom festival and Mount Fuji, Japan is a technically advanced country where people are still rooted to their past and value old customs and etiquettes. Japan has beautiful temples and shrines, Zen gardens, national parks, serve world class food and have a rich history.

According to Japan travel info blog one should must see and do such things while visiting Japan:

  • Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. This market starts at 4am in the morning and you can see the fish frenzy for a marvelous sushi in breakfast.
  • Climbing Mt. Fuji is must. 3500 meter long this mountain is located near Tokyo and presents a jaw dropping sun rise.
  • You should spend a day in Gion/ Geisha district. It is good to see fascinating architecture and do window shopping.
  • Heian shrine is popular tourist attraction. Filled with beautiful cherry blossom trees, gardens present a picture clicking views.
  • Ueno Park is beautiful place to capture scenic beauty and spend whole day.
  • Imperial Palace, home to Japanese Emperor, is a good opportunity to learn about Japanese culture.
  • Make sure you visit the Miyajima – shrine Island for its scenic beauty and peaceful environment. A ferry can take you there.
  • Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is the only standing, original and highest castle.

Besides these tourist places some small districts mentioned in Japan travel info blog are also worth watchable:

Kyoto – The city has beautiful temples and gardens. Traditional Japanese lifestyle is visible here and it is one of the top travel destinations in Japan.

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Hiroshima – The dropping of nuclear bomb makes the city a historical place to visit.

Nikko – Great temples and shrines are located in this wood and it is good place for hiking and meditating.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel – It is a 17 minute ride located in Osaka which presents awesome site of Osaka bay.

Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama – It is a hill park in Kyoto which is an interesting place to see wild monkeys and click some memorable pictures.

The Hells – Hells or Jigoku is a natural collection of hot springs. It is a beautiful amusement park.

Maika – the Gion district offers a traditional way of geisha treatment to women in Maika. You can get the full make up done and wear a Kimono to look like a Geisha woman.

Tokyo – it is the capital, largest and most essential city of Japan. The high-tech center, technology market and shopping stores all are located here. It is largest trade center of Japan.

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Tourists go to Japan round the year but it better to check to the weather and season before going so that you can enjoy the trip. Avoid going during rainy season and also during ‘Golden Week’ and ‘Obon’ festival. The best time to visit Japan is during spring and autumn.

Hot Springs in Niigata is a Beautiful place to visit in Japan

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If you love travelling and want to explore the world, there would have been certain places you would like to visit again or some places which are your dream. Japan is a wonderful country you must not miss! ‘The land of rising Sun’ has so many features and colors that you will be amazed every time you see or know something new. In Japan the old tradition and modern culture walk hand in hand. The entire nation is a marvelous blend of culture, tradition, history and heritage.

A trip to Japan will change your perspective about the tech giant country. Even though you will see highly advanced technology used in the country and well designed high rise towers all around, you will also come across well protected heritage sites, shrines and temples. Japanese people are extremely well rooted to their past. They still believe in age old customs and traditions and willingly follow them.

If you are planning to visit Japan in the near future, study about the country and its culture, lifestyle, tradition and beautiful landscapes. Then note down the names of places you would like to visit and what you are going to do. You may get the information from internet, blogs, travel guides and books etc. However if you are willing to visit the country during a winter holiday, you must not miss a chance to see Onsen Ryokan in Niigata.

Onsen Ryokan in Niigata

‘Onsen’ is a hot spring and ‘Ryokan’ is the Japanese version of ‘bed and breakfast’. Niigata is a beautiful place to visit during the chilly winter weather. Hot spring baths are one of the major attractions of the place. Niigata is one hour and twenty minutes ride away from Ueno station in Tokyo if you go by a bullet train. It is one among the snowiest places in Japan. Niigata is a perfect place you will love if you want to go away from the chaos of the city. The hot spring bath in a snowy weather has a different charm altogether.

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Typical Japanese style is followed to go to Onsen. Ryokans can offer you private as well as shared baths. Jizaikan is one of the best Ryokans in Niigata, having three private baths and two big baths which are shared with two other Ryokans. Outdoor bath gives you an amazing feeling of immersing in warm water with snow all around you. Delicious food is served by these Ryokans in a room on ground floor. If you are willing to enjoy such beautiful moment in the midst of tranquility then Onsen Ryokan is a must visit for you. Read more to get more information about the place and language so that you don’t face any problem.

Japanese Cuisines are Healthy and Authentic

The staple or traditional food of any country or nation has an important role to play in showcasing its culture. There are so many countries in the world, each having different language, life style, eating habits and clothes. From a well developed country to a desert, it is very interesting to know about them all. Japan is one such country to talk about. Everything from their garden to temples to clothes, life style, festivals all reflects their love for their tradition.

Even they are very particular about their traditional food also! The Japanese cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes with regional specialties. Here we will talk about the popular Japanese dishes, their traditional food, table manners etc. The traditional and authentic Japanese food is ‘rice and miso soup’ with other dishes such as fish, pickled vegetables and vegetables cooked in broth. Fish, a very common traditional food, is often grilled or served raw as sashimi or in sushi.


Noodles such as soba, udon, ramen, somen and yakisoba are also their staple food beside rice. They are very popular and served either hot or cold, depending on the season.

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Japanese people are very health conscious so they eat seafood a lot as they are very nutritious and have mineral intake in them. Hundreds of different types of fish, selfish, lobsters, clams and other seafood from oceans, seas, rivers and lakes are used in Japanese cuisine. They are eaten in many ways, such raw, dried, boiled, grilled, deep fried or steamed.

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Nabe Dishes

Nabe, or hot pot dishes, are prepared in hotpots. Typical ingredients required for it are vegetables such as negi (Japanese leek) and hakusai (Chinese cabbage), mushrooms, seafood or meat. There are many varieties, and they are especially popular in the cold winter months.

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For over 2000 years, rice has been the authentic food of Japan. Instead of changes in their eating pattern rice has been the most important ingredient of their daily life. Now the rice is eaten as bowl rice, sushi, donburi, rice balls, fried rice, kayu etc. Japanese people also eat meat dishes, soybean dishes, and yoshoku dishes a lot. They also eat an indigenous type of sweet called wagashi. Green tea is their staple beverage which is formed in various multiple ways giving different tastes such as honey lemon, cardamom etc.

Some authentic Japanese food are as follows: Sesame soba salad, Vegan gyoza, Tuna tartare with yuzu gelee, Oya kodon, Miso Glazed cod, Seaweed salad, Tonjiru, Taco rice, Omurice, Negitoro sushi etc. Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, has now become popular throughout the world. The characteristics of Japanese food are the use of sparing meat, fats, oils and dairy products. They love to decorate their food with tree leaves and branches. Seasonality is another attribute of their food which is referred as ‘bounty of the mountains’ and ‘bounty of the sea’. The traditional way of having dinner is sitting on tatami floor. There is still a lot more to know about Japanese food and lifestyle so keep finding and reading. It’s interesting!