Know-how on Japan: Ancient and Modern

Japan is a country where you can experience ancient culture blending well with modernisation. This country has evolved as a technology giant yet keeping the roots and culture intact with its existence. In the modern Japan, you can find traces of Asian, European and North American cultures, which make it hybrid.

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The residents of this Island nation witnessed prolonged isolation from outside world but the onset of The Black Ships and the Meiji period brought the country on the international map.

Language of Japan

Japanese language is an agglutinative language, as most of the words in the lexicons are formed by joining morphemes together. The first mention of Japanese language can be traced back to 252 AD into a Chinese document.

Japanese literature

Near about the beginning, Japanese literature had great influences from the Chinese literature, owing to the culture contact. With the diffusion of Buddhism religion in Japan, the influences of Indian literature also started growing in the country. Of late, Japanese writers have developed own concepts and started writing about Japan. Yet, you can find the traces of Western and Eastern literature in the Japanese works.

Music in Japan

Music in Japan is something that you can relate to traditional as well modern genres. Do you know that Japan is only second biggest music market of world? You can find local music at the karaoke venues, mostly on records labels’ lease. The conventional Japanese music is based on the human breathing, unlike Western music, which prefers mathematical timing.

Ancient architectures

The architectures in Japan have a long history. Most of the architectures are based on Chinese designs but varies on several aspects, primarily indigenous to Japan. The temples, Shinto shrines and castles are the best examples of ancient architectures. Most of the Japanese architectures are built with gardens inside the premises.

Traditional and modern fashion in Japan

If anything that distinguishes Japan from entire world, it’s the traditional clothing. The kimono is the traditional wears of Japan. These are full length garments but initially, it was referred to all the types of clothing. In the modern Japan, Kimono is preferred by men and women on the special occasions.

In the modern times, Japanese fashion has come of age. The entire world has started recognising Japanese fashion sense. Japanese designers and fashion trends have made their presence felt on the international fashion platforms.

Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine has a long past. You can have some of most sophisticated and refined dishes in Japan. Of late, Japanese dishes have become quite popular and considered fashionable in the USA and Europeans countries. Sushi, Tempura and Teriyaki are some of the common Japanese foods available throughout the world. The main diet in Japan consists of rice, pickled or boiled vegetables and fresh seafood. Japanese people have a healthy food habit and it’s often reasoned for their longevity.

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In a nutshell, Japan is an exciting and mesmerising country. You can experience several unique and exceptional things in Japan.