Must-visit Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

You will fall in love with Tokyo, if you spend a few days in the city. This city has everything to attract you. Tokyo is one of the most civilised and well organised cities in the world. You can reach to the Tokyo’s tourist destinations by subway or train. It is advised to get a Japan Rail Pass for commuting by the trains.

Not only in Asia but worldwide, Tokyo is a completely different place for the foreign tourists. Tokyo does not only represent peak of civilisation, law and order and fashion but the city stands out in many good ways.

Following are some of the most frequented tourist places to visit in Tokyo Japan, take a look:

Shibuya 109 and Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is the Mecca of fashionistas in Japan. If you are looking for fashionable clothes and accessories, Shibuya is the point zero of fashion. You will be amazed to see the high pedigree of fashion sense followed by girls in Shibuya. The young girls sporting contact lenses, lace, ruffles, colourful socks and ribbons along with highly fashionable clothes make unique fashion statements at the streets of Shibuya. The boutiques at Shibuya 109 are available with a large number of trendy outfits, in different designs.

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At couple of minutes of distance from Shibuya 109 is one of the busiest places in the world, Shibuya crossing. It’s a sight to see the function of traffic signals at the busy crossing. You can experience an ultimate example of civilisation by looking at the people crossing the road at the crossing.

Meiji Shrine

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This is a Shinto shrine situated at the Shibuya Ward, in the midst of a beautiful forest. The Meiji Shrine is very near to the Harajaku Station on the JR Yamanote Line. This shrine is dedicated to the sacred spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife. The Meiji Shrine nowadays is a favourite place for wedding ceremonies.

Yoyogi Park on a Sunday

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This park is the best place to watch people in Tokyo. Popular with young Japanese people, you could spot the wacky aspect of an otherwise reserved nation on Sundays. You can spot classy girls to shy Lolitas enjoying their red wine drinks from crystal glasses. The Yoyogi Park is very much popular with couples in love and lots of club meetings and teenagers rehearsing plays are organised there on the Sundays.

Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky-tree

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Tokyo Tower holds lots of similarity with the Eiffel Tower and draws many tourists because of that. The Tokyo Sky-tree, on the other hand, is relatively a new kid in the town. Tokyo Sky-tree is 634m tall while Tokyo Tower is 333m of height. Both the artificial structures are favourites among tourists.

There are many other tourist destinations in Tokyo. You can get to know about them on blogs from Japan.


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