4 Best Places to Go for Shopping in Tokyo

From traditional crafts to trendy fashion, vivid anime goods, branded goods and cutting-edge electronics items, you have a shop in Tokyo practically for anything and everything. However, you may not get the goods at the price range of your desire.

Tokyo’s varied cityscapes also serve as the shopping districts with their own specialities and characteristics. So, if you are in Tokyo, the first thing you need to do is to familiarise with different shopping places and prepare yourself for a shopping spree in this ever energetic and bustling city.

Followings are some of the most popular places for shopping in Tokyo Japan, take a look:

Shinjuku – Probably Tokyo’s Largest Shopping and Entertainment District

In the vicinity of Shinjuku Station, which is a major transportation hub and world’s busiest train station, this district houses major department stores and flagship stores of big companies. You could also walk in the outlets of Japan’s major electronics retailers and many other shops and boutiques. Most shops are along the streets and underground shopping arcades.

Picture Source: bit.ly/19eoYNI

Picture Source: bit.ly/19eoYNI

Shibuya – Hub of Youth Fashion

Next to Shibuya Station, this shopping district is the place where youth fashion trends in Japan origin from. There are many celebrated and trend-setting apparel stores such as Shibuya 109 and other small fashion stores along the streets. You can find several small boutiques and high fashion and designer brands through Aoyama and Daikanyama. The atmosphere in here is quiet and passive in comparison with Shibuya’s electric brightness.

Picture Source : bit.ly/1aKDobn

Picture Source : bit.ly/1aKDobn

Harajaku – Youth Trends vs High Fashion and Street Culture

This fashion district caters to the needs of different kind of shoppers. At the Omotesando, famous as Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees, there are upscale boutiques, cafes and a host of top designer outlets along its tree lined avenue. Then there is Takeshita Dori, a hub of youth fashion and street culture. Most shops are crammed along a narrow street and target teenage and younger crowd.

Image Source : bit.ly/1ePOl0A

Picture Source : bit.ly/1ePOl0A

Ginza – Tokyo’s Leading Upscale Shopping District

The Ginza is the home to upscale department stores, art galleries, boutiques and designer brand stores. You can find almost every top international and native brand showing a presence here. The major electronics brands such as Sony and Apple also have a presence in the Ginza. The shopping district stretches to Yurakucho area with more boutiques, electronic retailers and department stores.

Picture Source: bit.ly/18yiCO2

Picture Source: bit.ly/18yiCO2

You can find different varieties of products at different price range at these shopping centres. So, if you are visiting Tokyo, do not forget to walk in to these world famous shopping places.


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