Shinjuku: A Place you should visit in Japan

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If you are going to Japan any time soon, first sit down and make an itinerary of the places you want to visit there. You can go online and check out a few blogs that will help you to decide which places are worth visiting.

Japan is not just a place for historical castles and spiritual temples. As it is the tech capital of the world, it is also a modernised place to visit. So, on your next trip to Japan, try visiting the modern side of the country. In Tokyo, the capital, try visiting Shinjuku, one of the busiest places on Earth. When you are in Shinjuku, try and make the best of it. Here are some places you must visit in Shinjuku.


This is a lovely store full of craft items like fabric, craft books, various supplies, craft kits, and so much more. If you are looking at a map, do not confuse it with Odakyu.

Tokyu Hands

In Times Square, Tokyo, this is a multi-floor division where you can find home ware, various kinds of stationary items, and a fantastic collection of novelty gifts.


This is in Takashimaya and is not very big but decently sized. It has simple yet good quality clothes for both girls and guys.


This is also in Takashimaya and is a small division of a very famous craft store. The main and colossal branch is in Kichijoji and is much talked about. Here you’ll find a decent range of fabrics but not as much as the main branch.

Shinjuku Gyoen

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If you want to get away from all the chaos of Shinjuku, you can go to this beautiful garden for some serenity and greenery for just ¥200. By looking at the entry fee you can make out that this garden is well maintained and less crowded than other parks in the district that have no entry fee. This park has picaresque lakes and ponds and is quite big so you can either take a stroll or just simply relax.

So, before you travel to Japan, make a list of places you should visit with the help of travel guides and blogs online. This way, your trip will be more organised.


4 Best Places to Go for Shopping in Tokyo

From traditional crafts to trendy fashion, vivid anime goods, branded goods and cutting-edge electronics items, you have a shop in Tokyo practically for anything and everything. However, you may not get the goods at the price range of your desire.

Tokyo’s varied cityscapes also serve as the shopping districts with their own specialities and characteristics. So, if you are in Tokyo, the first thing you need to do is to familiarise with different shopping places and prepare yourself for a shopping spree in this ever energetic and bustling city.

Followings are some of the most popular places for shopping in Tokyo Japan, take a look:

Shinjuku – Probably Tokyo’s Largest Shopping and Entertainment District

In the vicinity of Shinjuku Station, which is a major transportation hub and world’s busiest train station, this district houses major department stores and flagship stores of big companies. You could also walk in the outlets of Japan’s major electronics retailers and many other shops and boutiques. Most shops are along the streets and underground shopping arcades.

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Shibuya – Hub of Youth Fashion

Next to Shibuya Station, this shopping district is the place where youth fashion trends in Japan origin from. There are many celebrated and trend-setting apparel stores such as Shibuya 109 and other small fashion stores along the streets. You can find several small boutiques and high fashion and designer brands through Aoyama and Daikanyama. The atmosphere in here is quiet and passive in comparison with Shibuya’s electric brightness.

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Harajaku – Youth Trends vs High Fashion and Street Culture

This fashion district caters to the needs of different kind of shoppers. At the Omotesando, famous as Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees, there are upscale boutiques, cafes and a host of top designer outlets along its tree lined avenue. Then there is Takeshita Dori, a hub of youth fashion and street culture. Most shops are crammed along a narrow street and target teenage and younger crowd.

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Ginza – Tokyo’s Leading Upscale Shopping District

The Ginza is the home to upscale department stores, art galleries, boutiques and designer brand stores. You can find almost every top international and native brand showing a presence here. The major electronics brands such as Sony and Apple also have a presence in the Ginza. The shopping district stretches to Yurakucho area with more boutiques, electronic retailers and department stores.

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You can find different varieties of products at different price range at these shopping centres. So, if you are visiting Tokyo, do not forget to walk in to these world famous shopping places.

Must-visit Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

You will fall in love with Tokyo, if you spend a few days in the city. This city has everything to attract you. Tokyo is one of the most civilised and well organised cities in the world. You can reach to the Tokyo’s tourist destinations by subway or train. It is advised to get a Japan Rail Pass for commuting by the trains.

Not only in Asia but worldwide, Tokyo is a completely different place for the foreign tourists. Tokyo does not only represent peak of civilisation, law and order and fashion but the city stands out in many good ways.

Following are some of the most frequented tourist places to visit in Tokyo Japan, take a look:

Shibuya 109 and Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is the Mecca of fashionistas in Japan. If you are looking for fashionable clothes and accessories, Shibuya is the point zero of fashion. You will be amazed to see the high pedigree of fashion sense followed by girls in Shibuya. The young girls sporting contact lenses, lace, ruffles, colourful socks and ribbons along with highly fashionable clothes make unique fashion statements at the streets of Shibuya. The boutiques at Shibuya 109 are available with a large number of trendy outfits, in different designs.

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At couple of minutes of distance from Shibuya 109 is one of the busiest places in the world, Shibuya crossing. It’s a sight to see the function of traffic signals at the busy crossing. You can experience an ultimate example of civilisation by looking at the people crossing the road at the crossing.

Meiji Shrine

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This is a Shinto shrine situated at the Shibuya Ward, in the midst of a beautiful forest. The Meiji Shrine is very near to the Harajaku Station on the JR Yamanote Line. This shrine is dedicated to the sacred spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife. The Meiji Shrine nowadays is a favourite place for wedding ceremonies.

Yoyogi Park on a Sunday

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This park is the best place to watch people in Tokyo. Popular with young Japanese people, you could spot the wacky aspect of an otherwise reserved nation on Sundays. You can spot classy girls to shy Lolitas enjoying their red wine drinks from crystal glasses. The Yoyogi Park is very much popular with couples in love and lots of club meetings and teenagers rehearsing plays are organised there on the Sundays.

Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky-tree

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Tokyo Tower holds lots of similarity with the Eiffel Tower and draws many tourists because of that. The Tokyo Sky-tree, on the other hand, is relatively a new kid in the town. Tokyo Sky-tree is 634m tall while Tokyo Tower is 333m of height. Both the artificial structures are favourites among tourists.

There are many other tourist destinations in Tokyo. You can get to know about them on blogs from Japan.

Refurnish your New Flat in Japan with Exquisite Design of Furniture

Japan is not only a tourist hub but also an academic and job centre. Lots of people from UK relocate to Japan each year for jobs or academic purposes. If you are the one currently shifted to a city in Japan, you will like to refurnish your new flat.

You have lots of options to give a new look to your new house. When in Japan, you can see the beautifully structured houses from inside as well as outside. Japanese interior decorations are unique and exceptional.

There are different ways to refurnish and decorate your new flat. Most Japanese people beautify the interior of their house with fabulously designed furniture. You must choose a theme at first, as it will help you pick the compatible and complementary set of furniture.

Truck Furniture in Osaka is available with vintage design of furniture

If you are based in Osaka, there is a shop named Truck Furniture that showcases wide variety and design of furniture. The complete range of collection is available in minimalistic and vintage feel. You will fall in love with this place at the very first sight, as it is decorated with inspiring theme to leave you amazed. Although everything in the shop is worth buying but the prime attraction is centre piece object to place in dining or living room.

Pour Annick is more about contemporary and fashionable design of furniture

The Pour Annick is available with more contemporary and fashionable sets of furniture from Europe and other markets. This shop is located in Meguro and specialist in selling sculptures-like objects, which catch your eyes instantly. Sofas at Pour Annick are comfortable, contemporary and catchy; you can get a set to place in your flat.


For paints and wooden materials, go to the Gallup

The Gallup boasts of several shops in and around Tokyo, nearest one is in Monzennakacho. They are specialist in selling paints, wooden materials and tiles and other materials needed for decoration of house. If you are up to completely overhaul your house by DIY products, this is the exact destination for you.

Sofa at Stanley’s

If you are looking for exclusively designed sofa, Stanley’s is the place to go. Established in 1968, this company has expertise in making fabulous designs of sofa. Plenty of textiles are available with them to do upholstering for chairs and sofas.


Lampshades and beds at Rigna’s store

Lampshades are important ingredient to beautify your new flat. You can go to Rigna that is available with exquisite design of bird nest lampshades. The attractive sets available at this store can also be searched in interior designing magazines.

You can also go for furniture shopping at Rigna’s store. They are available with interesting and fascinating designs in bedroom collection. If you loved the Warren Evans beds in UK, there is no reason why you will not feel the same about Rigna’s collection.


In and around the bustling cities of Japan, you have several other furniture stores selling high-quality sets to you.