Shinjuku: A Place you should visit in Japan

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If you are going to Japan any time soon, first sit down and make an itinerary of the places you want to visit there. You can go online and check out a few blogs that will help you to decide which places are worth visiting.

Japan is not just a place for historical castles and spiritual temples. As it is the tech capital of the world, it is also a modernised place to visit. So, on your next trip to Japan, try visiting the modern side of the country. In Tokyo, the capital, try visiting Shinjuku, one of the busiest places on Earth. When you are in Shinjuku, try and make the best of it. Here are some places you must visit in Shinjuku.


This is a lovely store full of craft items like fabric, craft books, various supplies, craft kits, and so much more. If you are looking at a map, do not confuse it with Odakyu.

Tokyu Hands

In Times Square, Tokyo, this is a multi-floor division where you can find home ware, various kinds of stationary items, and a fantastic collection of novelty gifts.


This is in Takashimaya and is not very big but decently sized. It has simple yet good quality clothes for both girls and guys.


This is also in Takashimaya and is a small division of a very famous craft store. The main and colossal branch is in Kichijoji and is much talked about. Here you’ll find a decent range of fabrics but not as much as the main branch.

Shinjuku Gyoen

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If you want to get away from all the chaos of Shinjuku, you can go to this beautiful garden for some serenity and greenery for just ¥200. By looking at the entry fee you can make out that this garden is well maintained and less crowded than other parks in the district that have no entry fee. This park has picaresque lakes and ponds and is quite big so you can either take a stroll or just simply relax.

So, before you travel to Japan, make a list of places you should visit with the help of travel guides and blogs online. This way, your trip will be more organised.

Wonderful Places you must visit in Japan

Japan is a traveller’s paradise. The country is picturesque and considered to be the epitome of culture and tradition. A trip to this wonderful country where modernity and antiquity collide will be spellbinding and a life changing experience for you. There are many places in Japan that are worth visiting. As Japan is an amalgamation of beauty and history, the tourist spots in the technological capital of the world are breathtaking and really exciting.

Here are a few places that you must visit while you are in Japan:

Great Buddha of Kamakura

If you like to visit places that are culturally inclined, Japan is the right place. If you are spiritual and like tourist spots that speak volumes about the country’s cultural past, then the Great Buddha of Kamakura is a must visit. This is a massive representation of the Amida Buddha which is an extremely popular Buddhist figure in Japan. This statue weighs 93 tonnes and is 40 feet high. The statue stands outdoors in open air. It is cast in bronze and it is a tourist hot spot.

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Himeji Castle

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also called the “White Egret Castle” as it looks like a bird that is about to take flight. This is one of the ideal places to visit in Japan as it is one of the greatest examples of Japanese castle architecture. It was built in the feudal period and survived the bombings of the Second World War. This castle is the perfect place to visit if you are truly interested in history and art.

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Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza captures the essence of technology and shopping in Tokyo. It is home to shops, malls and a lot of neon. It is best to visit Ginza at night as it is all lit up. If you are in Tokyo, you cannot afford to miss this place.

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Japan is full of fantastic and exquisite sights and sounds. If you are planning to visit Japan, make sure that you chalk out the places you want to visit so that your trip is memorable.

Buy a Discerning Range of Products at Japanese Marketplaces

Are you on a trip to Japan? You must be looking to visit a few marketplaces to buy exclusive Japanese products. Whether you are looking to buy gifts and souvenirs, fashion apparels, toys or furniture, Japan has several places to shop around and find out what you are looking for.

If you are currently putting up at Tokyo or other big cities in Japan, you have many marketplaces to go to. Shopping in Japan is easy and comparatively cheaper than most other developed countries. Besides earlier mentioned products, you can find a lot of food products, gadgets and other things at the marketplaces.

However, you can go through a few guidebooks on Japan to know about shopping in Japanese market. They provide you a through and depth information about shopping in Japan and where to find the products you are looking for.

Shopping Places in Japan

MOTTAINAI – Green project in Japan:

If you are missing the markets of London, go to MOTTAINAI festa. Though it is not a marketplace but chances are you can find a vast range of products at the place where it is being organised. The MOTTAINAI festa this year was held at Akihabara UDX building. Besides being educational, this event is also family friendly with many workshops. You can buy stuffed toys, which are made with the use of recycled toys and other materials, for your kids. There is a wide variety of dessert objects available at the workshops. These objects are made using clay and can be useful as a memo stand if a pin is added. You can also buy and sell your products on their website.



In the vicinity of Tokyo station, KITTE is a new landmark in the capital city of Tokyo. Originally known as Old Tokyo Central Post Office, KITTE has been made functional with a unique concept of introducing highly skilled products. On the 5th and 6th floors of building, there are many restaurants selling a wide range of cuisines. When you come down, you have several shops to buy clothes and gifts and souvenirs from. At Nakagawa Masashichi Shouten, you can find exciting collection of kitchen ware while go to CLASKA gallery & shop “DO” for buying tote bags. This building also houses Gelato Pique, where you can find a great collection of fashionable apparels. Similarly, there are many other shops in this building.



While on the trip to Japan, you cannot afford to miss the marketplaces at Okinawa. You can go to Ishigaki, though it is not as big as Naha but you can walk around the shopping places easily. All the shops are spread around the Euglena Mall in main 3 streets. There are several boutiques and shops available with discerning range of products. You will like to buy a few presents for your loved ones.

Okinawa MARKET

There are many other marketplaces in the Japan. To know about them you can visit a few blogs from Japan.

Travel Blogs will Guide you in Japan

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Japan is one of most beautiful and friendly countries around the world. From biggest trading cities Tokyo and Osaka to cherry blossom festival and Mount Fuji, Japan is a technically advanced country where people are still rooted to their past and value old customs and etiquettes. Japan has beautiful temples and shrines, Zen gardens, national parks, serve world class food and have a rich history.

According to Japan travel info blog one should must see and do such things while visiting Japan:

  • Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. This market starts at 4am in the morning and you can see the fish frenzy for a marvelous sushi in breakfast.
  • Climbing Mt. Fuji is must. 3500 meter long this mountain is located near Tokyo and presents a jaw dropping sun rise.
  • You should spend a day in Gion/ Geisha district. It is good to see fascinating architecture and do window shopping.
  • Heian shrine is popular tourist attraction. Filled with beautiful cherry blossom trees, gardens present a picture clicking views.
  • Ueno Park is beautiful place to capture scenic beauty and spend whole day.
  • Imperial Palace, home to Japanese Emperor, is a good opportunity to learn about Japanese culture.
  • Make sure you visit the Miyajima – shrine Island for its scenic beauty and peaceful environment. A ferry can take you there.
  • Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is the only standing, original and highest castle.

Besides these tourist places some small districts mentioned in Japan travel info blog are also worth watchable:

Kyoto – The city has beautiful temples and gardens. Traditional Japanese lifestyle is visible here and it is one of the top travel destinations in Japan.

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Hiroshima – The dropping of nuclear bomb makes the city a historical place to visit.

Nikko – Great temples and shrines are located in this wood and it is good place for hiking and meditating.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel – It is a 17 minute ride located in Osaka which presents awesome site of Osaka bay.

Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama – It is a hill park in Kyoto which is an interesting place to see wild monkeys and click some memorable pictures.

The Hells – Hells or Jigoku is a natural collection of hot springs. It is a beautiful amusement park.

Maika – the Gion district offers a traditional way of geisha treatment to women in Maika. You can get the full make up done and wear a Kimono to look like a Geisha woman.

Tokyo – it is the capital, largest and most essential city of Japan. The high-tech center, technology market and shopping stores all are located here. It is largest trade center of Japan.

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Tourists go to Japan round the year but it better to check to the weather and season before going so that you can enjoy the trip. Avoid going during rainy season and also during ‘Golden Week’ and ‘Obon’ festival. The best time to visit Japan is during spring and autumn.

Places Hard to Miss on your Trip to Japan

If you are planning your next trip to Japan, make sure you plan it well. Before you structure your trip it is very important to sit down and chalk out the places you want to visit in the country. As the entire country is picturesque, wrapped in culture and soaked in tradition, finalising the best places to visit is very difficult. However, here are a few places you should not miss on your trip to Japan.

Himeji Castle

This is also known as the ‘White Heron Castle’ and is one of the twelve castles that are in its original condition. It is located in the Himeji-Hyogo prefecture and isn’t far from Osaka. The castle is surrounded by pine and cherry trees and therefore is a beautiful site, especially in spring. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built between 1333 and 1346 and expanded in 1601-1608. It is definitely one of the places in Japan you must visit.

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Todai-ji Hall, Nara

This must not be missed by any tourist visiting the country of Japan. It is Japan’s oldest capital also is marked as its first city. The city was founded in the 8th century and its most renowned monument is the Todai-ji Hall, the biggest wooden building in the world. Inside there are huge statues amongst which is a gigantic Daibutsu or Buddha. Todai-ji Hall is also the centre of Kegon Buddhism in the country of Japan. There are also other interesting places to see in Nara, which include a few archaeological sites and the skittish deer that are found in plenty in the city.

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Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain standing at 12,377 feet and is one of the most iconic natural landmarks in the country. It is climbed by almost a quarter million people every year, usually during July and August. It is visited and viewed so much mostly because it is near Kanto and the plain surrounding Tokyo. The visibility of the peak is the best during winter.

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This was first a separate kingdom called Ryukyu Ōkoku. This place thrived from the 15th to the 19th century for about 450 years. They were close to China as it was nearer than the mainland of Japan. The Shuri castle (Shurijo) in Naha, Okinawa, was the administrative centre and royal court of the Ryukyu government. The castle was burnt and rebuilt many a times and was last rebuilt in 1992. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Before visiting the country you must read a blog about Japan so that you know more about the place and its people. These blogs will also give you information about places to visit, where to shop, and food to eat and also tell you at length about the culture of the land.

Everything in Japan Seem to be Making Statements!

While on a tour to Japan, you may witness some never-seen-before lifestyle and way of living. Japan, contrary to orthodox thoughts, is not only a technology giant but a mixture of traditions and modernisation. On each and every walk of life, you will get a hint of ancient culture and refined state of mind thriving almost simultaneously.

Since ages, Japanese people are known for leading a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. If you define a healthy lifestyle by food habits, exercise regime or society, Japan is rich by all the means.

Healthy and Disciplined Lifestyle

It’s because of healthier lifestyle that Japanese people stay free from obesity and other lifestyle diseases. By looking at their well toned bodies, you will mistake it as a result of strict exercise regime but the truth lies in the way they carry out themselves.

Wherever you go in Japan, people will greet you with open heart. A common way to greet people is by bowing head and Japanese are quite enthusiastic in welcoming their welcoming their guests.

Delicious dishes in Japan

When it comes about lifestyle in Japan, you cannot afford to miss out on few points. Japanese cuisine is one vital factor contributing a lot into lifestyle of its people. The whole world is aware of the virtues and qualities Japanese dishes protrude.


In fact, a large number of tourists throng Japan in the search of never-had-before yummy delights. Whether you have a fixation for sea foods or plain rice dishes, you will have plenty of choices on the platter in Japanese restaurants.

Quirky Fashion Trends in Japan

The unique fashion sense of Japanese people is praised on the global fashion platform. Global fashion fraternity keep a keen interest in knowing the fashion trends in Japan.

Japanese people prefer to shop around streets. You will be amazed to find out vast range of collection available on the street garment stores.

Come winter and you can see cute and beautiful men and women adorned in colourful dresses while summer will have an entirely different trend.

It’s quite common to see people carrying colourful umbrellas in the rainy season. In fact, umbrellas are considered a part of rainy days’ fashion trend in Japan. Most umbrellas will have handles made up of fine quality wooden materials.


Japanese take pride in their culture and tradition. They celebrate each and every festival and special occasion jovially. As most Japanese people follow Buddhism, so they prefer to visit Buddhist temples on weekends and holidays.

Last but not the least; if you are going on a sojourn to Japan, knowing about Japanese lifestyle will only make the trip easier and exceptional to you. You can go through everything that might make a difference in your dream vacation.