Visit Sapporo in Winter to Witness Snow Wonders

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Wondering what to do this winter to escape the gloom? Why don’t you plan a trip to an exciting yet beautiful country? If you’re still wondering where to go, then why don’t you try visiting the picturesque country of Japan? Japan is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in winter and spring. Also, if you like snow, then there is no place like Japan. Japan has a spectacular, eye-pleasing treat to offer tourists in winter.

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The land native to culture and tradition has loads to offer travellers other than wonders related to the ‘old world’. If you visit Japan during winter, then you must visit Sapporo to check out the Sapporo Snow Festival or Sapporo Yuki Matsuri. This festival exhibits colossal snow and ice sculptures. These sculptures are put on show along 12 blocks in the centre of the beautiful city, in Odori Park. Large teams work in an organised manner to erect massive sculpture by mixing hundreds of trucks full of ice and snow. Machinery is used to create the basis or the foundation of the structure but skilled hand work is used to craft the wonderful structures. The snow structures vary in height but most are a number of stories high. Often a stage is set up in front of the structures, where people perform dance shows.

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In the year 2014, the festival will be held from February 5 all the way to February 11. You can also go to Sapporo a little before so that you can check out how the structures are built. The large structures are usually complete well before time but you will be able to check out the construction of the smaller structures. One of the popular themes of these structures is manga or Anime characters. Another site where these ice structures are exhibited is Sapporo’s entertainment district, Susukino. Therefore, if you want to see something new and spectacular this winter a visit to Sapporo is definitely a good idea.


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