The Hokkaido Course to Enjoy in Japanese Restaurants

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Japanese dishes are known worldwide for the great taste and sumptuousness. People around the world devour different kinds of Japanese dishes. The world know Japanese people as great foodies but you will be surprised to look at their fitness levels, in spite of the fact that they have a big appetite.

A lot of culinary Japanese dishes are popular among the people from every nook and cranny in the world. Though culinary dishes taste the best, foods at the restaurants are no less extravagant. There are several restaurants around the Japan and other parts of the world where you could taste the exclusive Japanese delicacies.

These restaurants keep changing their menu in order to introduce new dishes. The chefs in these restaurants use fresh quality ingredients and produces incomparable dishes with their skilful technique and creative flair.

Hokkaido Course in Japanese Restaurants

One of the most delicious Japanese dish courses being made available to you at the Japanese restaurants is Hokkaido Course that includes appetisers, sashimi, Hokkaido Ginkarei Shioyaki, Char-grill Ohmi, Hata Tempura and signature prawn, Miso soup and Bara Chirashi Sushi bowl.

The seasonal appetiser with this meal course consists of handmade noodles with foie gras, pumpkin tofu and vegetables with sesame sauce. The wild prawns used in the signature prawn and hata tempura give it a lovely sweetness. With crispy texture and savoury nature, the airy and tight tempura is a complete pleasure to devour at the Japanese restaurants.

• The Halibut is a type of fish with versatile qualities and different flavours. Hokkaido Ginkarei Shioyaki is quite tender and goes well the teriyaki sauce.

• The Char-Grill Ohmi is exceptionally tender and succulent and being served in cubes. The supple and tender fat cubes are slight crunchy and melts down in your mouth. It may look small in size but only a few cubes are enough to satisfy your beef craving.

• The thick slices of salmon on Bara Chirashi Sushi bowl will make you fall in love with it.

• The sushi lovers can go for Otoro set where you are served 6 pieces of sushi (2 pcs otoro aburi, 2 pcs otoro and 2 pcs Tai). All the fish pieces are fresh and cover the rice generously.

• The Tai Nyumen Mushi is mainly a wild snapper fish. It is cooked in bonito broth with fish noodles. MSG is not required and noodles are crunchy.

• You can also take a bowl of green tea.

So, if you are visiting any Japanese restaurant in your neighbourhood, you will have plenty of dishes on your plate.


Taste the Scrumptious and Healthy Dishes of Japan!

Did you go through the new book, Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama? The Japanese-born marketing consultant talks about her fitness secrets. She says that it’s not a strict dietary habit or fitness plan behind her svelte figure and youthful looks but the culinary Japanese foods.

It’s not only the Naomi Moriyama but most Japanese women are able to maintain energetic and youthful looks for longer in life. All thanks to the healthy as well as delicious Japanese recipes that have blessed the women-kind of Japan with beautiful looks.

So, when the talk of healthy Japanese food arises, all of a sudden, seasonal vegetables and fruits become topic of discussion. Take a look at seasonal and healthy Japanese food that you may like to taste during your holidays in Japan.

Spring Dishes

As soon as winter paves way for the onset of spring season, marketplaces and supermarkets are flooded with different seasonal fruits and vegetables. Spring bamboo shoot is one of the most popular vegetables in this season. You can prepare a few scrumptious dishes with spring bamboo shoot.


Omelettes are the most consumed dish prepared from this vegetable. You can also go with stewed bamboo shoot with chicken dumplings that tastes truly delectable. Bamboo shoot rice is another popular dish prepared with this vegetable.

You can also go with Peperoncino pasta that is also known as garlic and chilli pasta in the spring season. This scrumptious recipe is prepared from field mustard and Udo.

Rainy season dishes

The heavy down pouring of rain water can have ill effects on your body. To keep fit and fine in the rainy season, Japanese people prefer to have fermented foods, which maintain the energy level in your body. Shio-Koji is a type of fermented salty rice that is widely used in the rainy season dishes.

Shio-Koji beginners can go with Asazuke, that is prepared by mixing together pickled vegetables and Shio-Koji. You can also go for seafood with Shio-Koji Aioli during the rainy season.


Another most-have in the rainy season is Ochazuke that is prepared with chicken breast and Shio-Koji.

Summer season dishes

There are plenty of food choices available in the months of summer. You can go with various fast foods as well as sea foods. Rice dishes remain in the core of summer season.

Winter season dishes

In the chilly winter season, most Japanese people go for the seafood dishes. There are plenty of sea foods available in the market and make great culinary recipes.

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With a plethora of food options available during each season, you will not face any sort of difficulty in satisfying your taste buds in Japan.

Everything in Japan Seem to be Making Statements!

While on a tour to Japan, you may witness some never-seen-before lifestyle and way of living. Japan, contrary to orthodox thoughts, is not only a technology giant but a mixture of traditions and modernisation. On each and every walk of life, you will get a hint of ancient culture and refined state of mind thriving almost simultaneously.

Since ages, Japanese people are known for leading a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. If you define a healthy lifestyle by food habits, exercise regime or society, Japan is rich by all the means.

Healthy and Disciplined Lifestyle

It’s because of healthier lifestyle that Japanese people stay free from obesity and other lifestyle diseases. By looking at their well toned bodies, you will mistake it as a result of strict exercise regime but the truth lies in the way they carry out themselves.

Wherever you go in Japan, people will greet you with open heart. A common way to greet people is by bowing head and Japanese are quite enthusiastic in welcoming their welcoming their guests.

Delicious dishes in Japan

When it comes about lifestyle in Japan, you cannot afford to miss out on few points. Japanese cuisine is one vital factor contributing a lot into lifestyle of its people. The whole world is aware of the virtues and qualities Japanese dishes protrude.


In fact, a large number of tourists throng Japan in the search of never-had-before yummy delights. Whether you have a fixation for sea foods or plain rice dishes, you will have plenty of choices on the platter in Japanese restaurants.

Quirky Fashion Trends in Japan

The unique fashion sense of Japanese people is praised on the global fashion platform. Global fashion fraternity keep a keen interest in knowing the fashion trends in Japan.

Japanese people prefer to shop around streets. You will be amazed to find out vast range of collection available on the street garment stores.

Come winter and you can see cute and beautiful men and women adorned in colourful dresses while summer will have an entirely different trend.

It’s quite common to see people carrying colourful umbrellas in the rainy season. In fact, umbrellas are considered a part of rainy days’ fashion trend in Japan. Most umbrellas will have handles made up of fine quality wooden materials.


Japanese take pride in their culture and tradition. They celebrate each and every festival and special occasion jovially. As most Japanese people follow Buddhism, so they prefer to visit Buddhist temples on weekends and holidays.

Last but not the least; if you are going on a sojourn to Japan, knowing about Japanese lifestyle will only make the trip easier and exceptional to you. You can go through everything that might make a difference in your dream vacation.

Explore the Serene Beauty of Japan!

When you picture Japan in mind, ancient traditions, stunning landscapes and intriguing culture form an image. Living the glorious past, Japan of today is more fascinating with cutting edge technology, exceptional architectures whereas still savouring the rich ancient traditions.

Whether you want to shop around the best markets of world or just want to taste the never-tasted-before delicious recipes, Japan is the place to spend most captivating holidays. If the ancient temples and shrines will interest you to the hilt, the state of the art architectures flummox you completely.

If you are fascinated with cultures, the colourful and rich heritages of Japan will leave you perplexed. The fantastic Japanese performing arts in the form of Kabuki and customary geisha will fit to your taste.

The Island nation of Japan is located in the Pacific Ocean. The serene beauty of Japan attracts millions of tourists each year from all over the planet. With an unruffled climate and prosperous history, Japan is blessed with plethora of tourist destinations.

Popular tourist destinations

From high octane cities to relaxing gardens and prehistoric temples, tourists have plenty of options for a dream vacation in Japan. If in Tokyo, shops, museums and restaurants are major attractions, Kyoto and Osaka are known for contemporary lifestyle. Several Buddhist temples and shrines make an interesting journey for the people, who are interest to explore Japanese culture. Japanese hot spring and Mount Fuji offer abundance of choice to adventurers.

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Best seasons to travel

The months of April, October and November are the perfect time to plan a trip to Japan. Typically, April is spring in Japan. While travelling during this time, you may witness cherry blossom festival that attracts global tourism in the country. October and November are the months when you can savour stunning autumn leaves. Usually, hotel costs and airfare are at the minimum in the months.

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Japan has one of the most advanced rail networks in the world. Almost every tourist destination is connected with the rail route. Travelling across Japan is never a worry and you may experience one of the finest travelling experiences in Japan.

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Japanese cuisine

A large number of tourists visit Japan solely to experience the most exceptional dishes of the world. You will have plenty of options to wine and dine in the chic restaurants of bustling cities. No wonder, if you go on experiencing some of the most unique and experimental beverages in the crowded restaurants.

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Japan has many facets, to experience each and every specialities of this country, make sure to go through a few blog about Japan. These blogs will give you a complete picture on the tourism in Japan.