Plenty of Choices at Upscale Furniture Shops in Japan

Japan over the years has surfaced on the global platform as tourism hub. Millions of people from around the world throng this country every year. Some come here for tourism, some for business purposes and others flock this country in search of better career opportunities and for higher studies. Yes, Japan also provides great opportunities to job seekers as well as students.

So, if you are the one planning a move to Japan or have already arrived in the country, finding an accommodation facility will never be a worry to you. In fact, there are several housing societies to offer lodging facilities. So, when you got a place to live, you will like to maintain the lifestyle you have been exercising for long.

Refurnishing your new flat is high up on your agenda. Now you have to search the places where you can find affordable yet classy design of furniture. After looking at so many options, you will feel like furniture shopping in Japan is not really a tough task.

Truck Furniture for vintage and minimalistic design of furniture

If you are in or around Osaka, Truck Furniture is a must-visit place. Selling the minimalistic, vintage and industrial design of furniture sets is the forte of this upscale furniture shop. You will fall in love with the place by having a look at the inspiring showroom. Even if you like to buy the entire showroom, the classy design of centre piece objects will catch your attention the most.

Go for contemporary designs at Pour Annick

Pour Annick is another option available to you. Located in Meguro, you can visit this place for the contemporary designs directly from the European market. The centre of attraction at this showroom is sculptures-like stools. Besides this eye catching product, their sofas are also a perfect way to add colours to your room.


The Gallup to spruce up interior design

People moved in and around Tokyo can go to the Gallup for sell paints, wooden materials and tiles. The nearest one is in Monzennakacho. This is the best shop, if you like to add a bit of DIY to the interiors of your new flat.

The Stanley takes care of your personal choices

The Stanley is for the one, who is looking for certain design of sofas. Established in the year 1994, Stanley is known for in and out designer sofa products. They are also an experienced hand in the upholstering of sofas and chairs. You have plenty of textiles to make a choice from.

mshop4_big (1)

Attractive collections of Rigna feature in interior-design magazines

Many interior design magazines publish the Rigna’s bird nest lampshades. These attractive pieces are quite a thing to beautify the interior of your new flat. Their bedroom collection is also quite interesting. Similar to the pattern of Warren Evans collection, the Pronto collection available at Rigna is eye catching and for a comfortable living.


There are several other places in Japan to buy beautiful, classy and designer furniture sets. All of the products available in these showrooms are cost effective and affordable.


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