Fashion Trends and Boutiques save Department Store Sector

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Japan is not just known as the Land of the Rising Sun but is also considered the technological capital of the world. To many, Japan is also the epitome of culture, tradition, heritage, customs and art. However, very few know Japan for its fashion industry. The fashion in Japan is taken very seriously as the people of Japan are extremely fashion conscious. Almost everyone on the streets of Japan is well dressed and always keeps up with the trends.

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The fashion industry of Japan does not ape the West but are deeply influenced by trends that are current in the fashion capitals of the world, namely, Paris, New York and Milan. There are many people around the world who still think that Japanese fashion is all about Kimonos, but they are thoroughly mistaken. Japanese fashion trends is extremely ‘modern’ and very ‘high street’. The department stores in Japan, this year, showed a stable growth concerning economy. The department store sector has shown a rise and that is mostly due to the fashion boutiques in the department stores.

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As the people of Japan are fond of shopping, the department store sector in Japan will continue to rise. This rise or economic growth has benefitted the fashion industry of Japan tremendously. Annual sales, in the industry of department stores, have improved in sixteen years for the first time. With the escalation of internet shopping, the department store industry was in danger but it all seems pretty stable now. As internet shopping poses as huge competition to the department stores, it can be seen that loyal customers still opt to visit department stores rather than shopping over the internet.

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While exploring Japanese fashion trends in style, it has been noticed that various major department stores are faring well in the Japanese department store sector. Fashion in Japan has always been important but it seemed to be in trouble sometime during last year. However, since that has healthily recovered, we can hope to see further rise in the department store sector. This was going to happen as shopping and fashion; both are an integral part of Japanese lifestyle. It should also be seen that the tourists in Japan, are also responsible for this rise because many of them consider Japan a hot spot when it comes to shopping. The year 2013 has so far been great for the department store sector and as we turn to the last quarter of the year, we can only hope for it to get better.


Exclusive Lifestyle in Japan!

Japan is country where tradition and modernisation coexists. The country is rich in culture and tradition yet modernisation has made a foray into it. Japan has been invaded by the western culture in present times; everything from fashion sense to way of living has some or other western ingredients. But, the country has successfully earned a reputation as cool tourist destination on the global map.

It is said, if you want to experience the rich culture, visit Japan. That’s true in many ways. Japan has an affluent culture; the land of Samurai says the brave saga of its emperors and fighters.

Since the time Japan started following Buddhist culture, a new sense of calmness prevails in the country. Everywhere you go people will greet you with calm and composure. Japanese people are known to follow mannerism well and open their hearts out for their guests.


Festivals in Japan

When any traditional festivals arrive, Japanese people celebrate it whole heartedly and enjoy to the fullest. If the New Year is celebrated with much enthusiasm, different spring festivals, such as cherry blossom festival and plum festival are anticipated eagerly. Japanese people are always in search of reasons to celebrate the occasion heartily.


While everything in Japan is good and welcoming, tourists oftentimes face banking related issues. Japanese banking system is not quite efficient and in phase of renovation. You might face certain difficulties in ATM and debit card transactions, but given proper information, you might pay heed towards it.

Japanese dishes and food habits

Japanese people are known for their good and healthy food habits. It will be evident to you at your visit to the place. Most foods are prepared with great perfection and give an unparalleled feel. Unlike many Asian countries, sanitation is not a worry in Japan. You will be offered food, even in not-so-expensive restaurants, in clean utensils.

There are umpteenth choices available to you in the food segment. If you have a certain like for sea foods, you will be offered wide varieties of sea foods. Fishes are most common to have in Japan.


It’s the spring season and Japanese people prefer to have seasonal home grown fruits and vegetables at this time. You will be served many dishes prepared from the seasonal vegetables. These dishes are yummy to taste and have great nutritional values as well.

Fashion in Japan

Japan has many facets; cool fashion sense is one of the vital ingredients of Japanese lifestyle. On the global platform, Japanese people are regarded as fashionistas and the fad fraternity in country have the biggest hand to bring Japan on the global fashion platform.

Japanese fashion trend changes with each season. At the start of every season, you will have several options available on the high-end street shops. The fashion conscious Japanese girls and boys have a deep connection with street fashion.


In a nutshell, Japan is a beautiful place to visit and the people and way of living make it all the more interesting and striking.