7 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Japan

Japan is a beautiful country to go on holiday. Japanese people welcome their guests wholeheartedly and help everywhere. The standard of living in the country is very high and it is convenient to move to different locations, as Japan has one of the best transportation facilities in world.

The stunning and eerie beauty of Japan appeals to one and all. If you are planning to go to Japan, there are a few things that you must know before setting foot on the land of rising sun.

mount fuji Image Courtesy: goo.gl/kf8xL

Here is a list that includes some of things that you must know before visiting Japan.

Respect the People: Bowing your head down is a way to greet and apologise in Japanese culture. Japanese people learn to respect elder people since their childhood days. It is important that to whom and how deep you bow your head in respect or to greet the elder person. Japanese people use polite language and talk courteously. While addressing older people, it is common to add “san” at the end of their name.

Table Manners: If you are attending a drinking party, do not just pour beer in own glass and start drinking. Japanese people follow good manners and lead their drinks with the toast. Usually, after taking the seat, a waiter or waitress gives you an “osdhibori” (small wet towel) to wipe hands. They follow strict etiquettes at the dining table.

Japanese Baths: Onsen, hot spring baths, is quite popular in Japan. You can experience it at the different ryokan. The bathing style in Japan is different from the western countries. You need to take a shower before moving into the public or private onsen baths. You can know about the onsen at ryokan from relevant blog about Japan.

Tipping is Not Necessary: It is not necessary at all to tip bar and restaurant, hotel or taxi drivers in Japan. Typically, giving tip is considered a bad etiquette and can embarrass the people you are tipping.

Chopsticks: When you are dining out in the Japanese restaurants, it is essential to use chopsticks.

Entering a House: When you are entering a house, it is important that you take your shoes off. Also, there are some companies where you need to enter without footwear. Usually, there is a rack provided at the entrance where you can keep your shoes and sandals.

Order and Harmony: Japanese people do not value individualism and dislike to disrupt the order and harmony of society. Japanese people refrain from the use of mobile phone on public places, do not blow their nose in front of other people and prefer not to eat food while commuting, as these are considered bad manners.