Refurnish your New Flat in Japan with Exquisite Design of Furniture

Japan is not only a tourist hub but also an academic and job centre. Lots of people from UK relocate to Japan each year for jobs or academic purposes. If you are the one currently shifted to a city in Japan, you will like to refurnish your new flat.

You have lots of options to give a new look to your new house. When in Japan, you can see the beautifully structured houses from inside as well as outside. Japanese interior decorations are unique and exceptional.

There are different ways to refurnish and decorate your new flat. Most Japanese people beautify the interior of their house with fabulously designed furniture. You must choose a theme at first, as it will help you pick the compatible and complementary set of furniture.

Truck Furniture in Osaka is available with vintage design of furniture

If you are based in Osaka, there is a shop named Truck Furniture that showcases wide variety and design of furniture. The complete range of collection is available in minimalistic and vintage feel. You will fall in love with this place at the very first sight, as it is decorated with inspiring theme to leave you amazed. Although everything in the shop is worth buying but the prime attraction is centre piece object to place in dining or living room.

Pour Annick is more about contemporary and fashionable design of furniture

The Pour Annick is available with more contemporary and fashionable sets of furniture from Europe and other markets. This shop is located in Meguro and specialist in selling sculptures-like objects, which catch your eyes instantly. Sofas at Pour Annick are comfortable, contemporary and catchy; you can get a set to place in your flat.


For paints and wooden materials, go to the Gallup

The Gallup boasts of several shops in and around Tokyo, nearest one is in Monzennakacho. They are specialist in selling paints, wooden materials and tiles and other materials needed for decoration of house. If you are up to completely overhaul your house by DIY products, this is the exact destination for you.

Sofa at Stanley’s

If you are looking for exclusively designed sofa, Stanley’s is the place to go. Established in 1968, this company has expertise in making fabulous designs of sofa. Plenty of textiles are available with them to do upholstering for chairs and sofas.


Lampshades and beds at Rigna’s store

Lampshades are important ingredient to beautify your new flat. You can go to Rigna that is available with exquisite design of bird nest lampshades. The attractive sets available at this store can also be searched in interior designing magazines.

You can also go for furniture shopping at Rigna’s store. They are available with interesting and fascinating designs in bedroom collection. If you loved the Warren Evans beds in UK, there is no reason why you will not feel the same about Rigna’s collection.


In and around the bustling cities of Japan, you have several other furniture stores selling high-quality sets to you.