Enough Options to Make an Exceptional Sojourn to Japan

Japan boasts of several picturesque locations. There are several places where you can go and experience unique sightseeing. Whether you are looking for religious and spiritual sojourn or have a desire to go on beach hunting, Japan engulfs everything in its lap.

If you have been to Japan earlier, you will be amazed to find out several new tourist places that have come up recently. For the first time visitors, Japan is all about striking tourist hot spots.

Here are some popular places to visit in Japan:

KITTE: The Old Tokyo Central Post Office has been renovated and given a new looks. This new building has come up with a name of KITTE. There are 7 floors in the building, each dedicated for different purposes. You will be astonished to see the bright and airy entrance that creates wow effect. The outdoor garden on 6th floor is great to have a packed lunch during summer season. There are number of restaurants and shops on different floors in the building.


Yushima Tenjin Shrine: Plum festival is celebrated before the arrival of cherry blossom. You can go to Yushima Tenjin to have a great view on plum festival. The nearest station to catch underground train on Chiyoda line is Yushima. You will like blossoming of plum flowers on Shidare Ume tree.


Kanda Myojin: On the way to Yushima Tenjin, you have Kanda Myojin that is painted in red and awesomely decorative. You can see some of the very unusual statues in this temple.


Yebisu beer museum: Many people know Asahi, Sapporo and Krin but not many are well versed with Yebisu beer. There is museum on the place of original Yebisu beer factory in Ebisu. The taste of beer is fantastic and you will instantly catch fancy of it.


Niigata: If you are there in Japan and have not been to Niigata, you are losing on seeing a great snowfall. Niigata is considered one of the snowiest places in Japan. On the trip to Niigata, you have a choice to stay in Ryokan that is Japanese bed and breakfast. The main attraction of this accommodation facility is hot spring baths.


Okinawa: Then there is Okinawa Island that attracts most tourists visiting the country. There is Ishigaki that is a famous shopping place. Most shops at the Ishigaki are located around the Euglena mall. You can find several shops to buy trendy clothes and unique souvenirs.


In a nutshell, Japan is a tourism paradise. You have lots of things to experience and enjoy in Japan.