Few Most Popular Spring Vegetable Dishes in Japan!

No exaggeration, Japan is a foodie’s delight. By now, it is evident that this country is one of most frequented tourist destinations in Asia. A large number of foreign tourists flock the country envisaging an exceptional experience of natural beauties, culture and traditions, unique fashion sense and Japanese cuisine.

Japan is known for the incomparable tastes and varieties of foods. On the global platform, it has carved niche amongst the gourmets. There are different varieties of dishes to experience in Japan.

Traditionally, Japanese dishes are rooted in rice with miso soup and different other dishes. Interestingly, when you visit a restaurant, each food is served in particular shape of utensils and more emphasis is put on the seasonal ingredients.

The side dishes are usually comprised of fishes, pickled vegetables and broth-cooked vegetables. Fishes are considered traditional food in Japan and often served grilled. You should not get surprised after finding out raw fishes served as sashimi or in sushi.

It’s the month of spring in Japan. Around this time, dishes prepared from home-grown vegetables are quite common to experience in the country. There are various types of dishes prepared from different vegetables.

Spring Bamboo Shoot

Spring bamboo shoot is one of the most haves vegetable in the spring season. You can find some of the delicate dishes prepared from the bamboo shoot. Apart from grilled spring bamboo shoot, you can have bamboo shoot omelette and stewed bamboo shoot with chicken dumplings. Bamboo shoot rice is another delicacy prepared from this spring vegetable.

takenoko dishes

If you are in Tokyo, The Japanese Izakaya restaurant offers you some of the best quality of bamboo shoot dishes.

Field Mustards and Udo

Around the spring month, Japanese supermarket is available with lots of green vegetables, fruits and sea foods. Another attraction of spring dishes in Japan is field mustard and Udo. The latter one can make wonderful salad, which tastes exceptionally well and are nutritious too.

Japanese spring vegetables

You can prepare Peperoncino pasta with field mustard. After adding some ingredients, you can have the pasta of your lifetime. The Goemon is a restaurant chain and offers some of the best quality Peperoncino pasta.

Vegetable Tea

These days, there is a trend of vegetable tea in Japan. There are different varieties of vegetable tea served in the restaurants around the country. Vegetable tea helps you in proper bodily functions and is extremely tasty.

The Jerusalem artichoke tea can help diabetic patients in lowering down the glucose level in body. It smells like sesame seeds and tastes light.


You can sip onion skin tea that helps in anti-aging, prevention of cancer and improves immunity.

Similar to these Japanese food and beverages, there are different other varieties available in the restaurants. You can also prepare these recipes at your home and enjoy with family and friends.