Savour Japanese Cuisine to find Out its Specialty

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One of the aspects that are most fascinating about Japan is its food. Japanese food is varied in flavour and preparation. Japanese cuisine is nothing like any of the occidental cuisines. Japanese food consists of oriental flavours, a lot of seafood and an array of different spices and herbs exclusive to Asia.

After taking a look at the entries at the Asian Food Fest, you can easily make out that Japanese food is truly one of a kind and purely Asian in form, texture and taste. Japanese cuisine consists of a variety of staples from different kinds of rice preps to a wide range of noodle. Rice and noodles is used in a various number of dishes that are incredibly delicious.

Some of the dishes that consist of rice, noodles, and different sorts of protein are:

• Gyudon

• Nabeyaki Udon

• Yakisoba

• Tonkotsu Ramen

• Matcha soba noodle salad

• Unadon

• Soboro Donburi

• Open Sushi

• Onigiri

• Omurice

• Hosomaki

• Katsudon

• Onsen Tamago Tofu

• Chicken Katsu

• Tempura (Vegetable, seafood, etc.)

• Tebasaki

• Chicken Karaage

• Daikon no Soboroni

• Buta Kakuni

• Supearibu no Nikomi

• Miso Soup

• Bacon Enoki Rolls with Teriyaki Sauce, etc.

These are some of the dishes that you must try out if you visit Japan. Various Japanese food items are available easily at restaurants and street side stalls. Japanese food can also be savoured in other countries but if you want the authentic taste, you will only get it if you eat Japanese food in Japan or made by chefs who have received training from Japan. The dishes that were presented in the Asian Food Fest are reflections of how important food is in Japanese society. You can also read up about Japanese cuisine if you are interested in knowing more about it.


The Hokkaido Course to Enjoy in Japanese Restaurants

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Japanese dishes are known worldwide for the great taste and sumptuousness. People around the world devour different kinds of Japanese dishes. The world know Japanese people as great foodies but you will be surprised to look at their fitness levels, in spite of the fact that they have a big appetite.

A lot of culinary Japanese dishes are popular among the people from every nook and cranny in the world. Though culinary dishes taste the best, foods at the restaurants are no less extravagant. There are several restaurants around the Japan and other parts of the world where you could taste the exclusive Japanese delicacies.

These restaurants keep changing their menu in order to introduce new dishes. The chefs in these restaurants use fresh quality ingredients and produces incomparable dishes with their skilful technique and creative flair.

Hokkaido Course in Japanese Restaurants

One of the most delicious Japanese dish courses being made available to you at the Japanese restaurants is Hokkaido Course that includes appetisers, sashimi, Hokkaido Ginkarei Shioyaki, Char-grill Ohmi, Hata Tempura and signature prawn, Miso soup and Bara Chirashi Sushi bowl.

The seasonal appetiser with this meal course consists of handmade noodles with foie gras, pumpkin tofu and vegetables with sesame sauce. The wild prawns used in the signature prawn and hata tempura give it a lovely sweetness. With crispy texture and savoury nature, the airy and tight tempura is a complete pleasure to devour at the Japanese restaurants.

• The Halibut is a type of fish with versatile qualities and different flavours. Hokkaido Ginkarei Shioyaki is quite tender and goes well the teriyaki sauce.

• The Char-Grill Ohmi is exceptionally tender and succulent and being served in cubes. The supple and tender fat cubes are slight crunchy and melts down in your mouth. It may look small in size but only a few cubes are enough to satisfy your beef craving.

• The thick slices of salmon on Bara Chirashi Sushi bowl will make you fall in love with it.

• The sushi lovers can go for Otoro set where you are served 6 pieces of sushi (2 pcs otoro aburi, 2 pcs otoro and 2 pcs Tai). All the fish pieces are fresh and cover the rice generously.

• The Tai Nyumen Mushi is mainly a wild snapper fish. It is cooked in bonito broth with fish noodles. MSG is not required and noodles are crunchy.

• You can also take a bowl of green tea.

So, if you are visiting any Japanese restaurant in your neighbourhood, you will have plenty of dishes on your plate.

The Food and View at Izu Peninsula in Simple Breathtaking

Japan is a very interesting place to visit if you like travelling the world. Japan is a mixture of the old and the new. On one hand you can see how technologically advanced it is and on the other hand, you will still find it deeply rooted in tradition, customs and history. The Japanese are a proud race and they take pride in their country. Therefore, when you visit Japan, make sure you soak in the true essence of the country.

If you are wondering, where to go in Japan, where you can take some time off, eat Japanese food and behold the beauties of the country, then you must take a trip to the Izu peninsula. The Izu peninsula is just an hour away from Tokyo, so if you are staying in the capital city, a trip to this place will be quick.

You can go to Ajiro and stay at a ryokan there but on your way to Ajiro, try and stop at Atami. This town is by the sea and it is very popular, especially with tourists. You can take a walk around town and behold Japanese buildings that have aged with time. The walking paths in the city are gorgeous and therefore you will have a fun time taking a stroll. The town is extremely charming.

starterIf you visit Atami, and love Japanese food, then you absolutely must visit a few restaurants that sell exquisite food items. A restaurant called Kamatsuru sells excellent dried fish that you must taste. It is around 150 years old and now the fifth generation runs it. Apart from the dried fish, you must try out the bottled anchovy in this place. Near Kamatsuru there is this wonderful sushi restaurant and another tempura restaurant. If you are in the Izu peninsula, you must try the red snapper.

Another restaurant called Unamasa is a specialist restaurant that has only eight seats and the delicacy they specialise in is baked eel. As the restaurant uses eels that are domestic, the produce is highly restricted. Therefore, if you want a taste of the lovely delicacy, go there during lunchtime.

The third restaurant that must make it to every foodie’s list is Tokiwagi, there specialty is sweet bean jelly. This jelly is a sweet native to Japan and is called Yokan. It is prepared with simple ingredients such as sugar, azuki beans and water, and the taste is delicate and subtle. They have various types of traditional sweets along with sweets with a modern twist.

tsukinoakari1The ryokan in Ajiro is beautiful and complements the picturesque view of the town. The rooms have open-air baths that are splendid indeed and view of the ocean from the rooms is simply breathtaking. You can eat dinner that is served Kaiseki style and there are around eight to ten dishes as each dish is rather small. Every single dish is scrumptious and will have you asking for more. So if you don’t want to visit the Izu peninsula for the view, do visit it for the amazing food that is served.

Find a Holy Mystery in your Tour to Japan

If you ever go to Japan you can experience all your money not really going away from you, which you spend shopping. It may sound ambiguous, but this is a belief that has its roots deep into the peoples’ mind in Japan. But, to witness such marvel, you have to visit Kamakura, and pay your respect to Goddess Benzai at the shrine of Zeniarai Bentzaiten Ugafuku Jinja, to turn the supernatural soliciting on your favour. Goddess Benzai is one of the seven Gods of good fortune, and revered as the goddess of art, beauty, music, knowledge and anything that is believed to flow.


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Flow of money tends more to get away from you than towards you. It is a common phenomenon we have always witnessed in life. But, the miracle of this place can prove the fact reversed. Performing some specific rituals, according to the systematic worshipping process of this place you are said to get all your money, spent on shopping, back to you by the holy blessing of Goddess Benzai. This belief secured its place in the legends of Japan with the tale of Minamito Yoritimo who received a visionary massage from the God of Ugajin to go a valley to the northwest where a spring is gushing out of the rocks. He was instructed to go there, and worship the god with the holy water to bring peace to the people there.

Natural Beauty of the Place

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The panoramic view of this shrine is serene enough to invite one to immerse into a peaceful ambience of meditation. Located in a beautiful vale to be accessed through a short tunnel burrowed through the hills of Kamakura, the shrine has an entrance embellished with a large stone and tori. Out of the dim tunnel you will find slopes or rocky terrain standing gravely with verdurous growth and acoustic pleasure of water-flow around, perfecting the charm. You cannot resist yourself from wandering about, and there you will find the small alter inset in to the rocks, surrounded by still ponds and a small waterfall.

At the Holy Cave

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On your way to the holy cave you receive a bamboo basket, a packet of incense and two candles against a donation of 100 Yen. After lighting the candles and the incense you are now to enter the main cave where the holy shrine is housed. An unusual coolness of the place will be wrapping you up, and you cannot stop witnessing the beauty of the cave. Golden gourds and origami cranes hanging from the ceiling upon a rocky ledge, resting row upon row of wooden tori, with the rocky walls reflecting the natural rays lit with paper lantern will be enough to transport you to a world of fantasy.

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As the bubbling sound of water attracts your attention to be nearing towards it, you will find a beautiful wooden alter where you have to empty your wallet on the bamboo basket and scoop up some holy spring water to pour over your money and pray. The performance is expected to bring back the money you will be spending on your bills, miraculously again in your treasury. You will have to complete a 25 minute walk from Kamakura station (about 1 hour from Tokyo station by train) to arrive at Zeniarai Bentzaiten Ugafuku Jinja. You can explore the scenic beauty of this place with a rental bike ride after you perform your prayer to the holy shrine.

Kagurazaka Slope: One of the Greatest Tourist Attractions of Japan

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Are you planning to go to Japan anytime soon? If yes, then you might want to find out a little about the country before you visit. If you want to visit unique areas of Japan, then it is best to do an in-depth study of the place. There are various places where you can visit but if you want to go to a place that is not too crowded and something other than a castle or a colossal statue of Buddha, then you may consider taking a trip to Kagurazaka Slope. This place is in the middle of the Yamanote line in Tokyo. In this area, years ago, politicians, artists and Geishas used to mingle.

The word Kagurazaka is a combination of two words, kagura and saka. Kagura means ‘a shrine-dance to music’ and saka means ‘hill’. This area of Tokyo is very beautiful. Most of the area had to be rebuilt as it was burned during an air raid in 1920. However, even after restoration, it looks a lot like what it used to look like in the 17th century.

A Kagurazaka festival takes place on a yearly basis every July and is one of the greatest Japan tourist attractions. The festival includes a Hozuki Ichi which literally means ‘ground cherry pod festival’, and parades that feature folk dancers called Awa Odori. The area is great to explore during the time of the festival. As the events of the festival are scheduled in the evening, you can start early in the day to explore this beautiful area. This was the area where Geisha culture or Karyukai was born. Around 1910, around 600 Geisha made this area their home. In fact, till date, a few Geisha houses or Ryotei, still operate out of this area. You can also grab yourself a copy of a walking guide of this place, which will make things easier for you.

Awa Odori, the folk dance, on Kagurazaka Slope

This is the highlight of the entire festival. This local dance is performed by 15 dance troupes who parade down the Kagurazaka Dori.

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Hozuki Ichi

The Hozuki Ichi is hosted near the area around the temple Bishamonten Zenkokuji. You take a lovely stroll through the beer garden and enjoy the fair.

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This is truly a unique and wonderful place to visit on your next trip to Japan. Read up on it before you go, so that it is easier for you.

Shinjuku: A Place you should visit in Japan

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If you are going to Japan any time soon, first sit down and make an itinerary of the places you want to visit there. You can go online and check out a few blogs that will help you to decide which places are worth visiting.

Japan is not just a place for historical castles and spiritual temples. As it is the tech capital of the world, it is also a modernised place to visit. So, on your next trip to Japan, try visiting the modern side of the country. In Tokyo, the capital, try visiting Shinjuku, one of the busiest places on Earth. When you are in Shinjuku, try and make the best of it. Here are some places you must visit in Shinjuku.


This is a lovely store full of craft items like fabric, craft books, various supplies, craft kits, and so much more. If you are looking at a map, do not confuse it with Odakyu.

Tokyu Hands

In Times Square, Tokyo, this is a multi-floor division where you can find home ware, various kinds of stationary items, and a fantastic collection of novelty gifts.


This is in Takashimaya and is not very big but decently sized. It has simple yet good quality clothes for both girls and guys.


This is also in Takashimaya and is a small division of a very famous craft store. The main and colossal branch is in Kichijoji and is much talked about. Here you’ll find a decent range of fabrics but not as much as the main branch.

Shinjuku Gyoen

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If you want to get away from all the chaos of Shinjuku, you can go to this beautiful garden for some serenity and greenery for just ¥200. By looking at the entry fee you can make out that this garden is well maintained and less crowded than other parks in the district that have no entry fee. This park has picaresque lakes and ponds and is quite big so you can either take a stroll or just simply relax.

So, before you travel to Japan, make a list of places you should visit with the help of travel guides and blogs online. This way, your trip will be more organised.

The Kyushu Seven Stars: Aiming to Rival the World’s Most Luxurious Train Journeys

Japan’s first all-new high-tech luxury sleeper train was launched recently. The Kyushu Seven Stars coasts through the beautiful landscapes of southern Japanese island of Kyushu.

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Aimed to rival the world’s best luxury train journeys like the Ghan and the Orient Express, the Kyushu Seven Stars has been built with precise perfection and aesthetics. The hand-crafted woodwork and fine art throughout the train give a luxurious and timeless feel to the passengers on board. The musician, magicians and train staffs have been given the pre-launch training for almost a year. Everything comes at a cost of three billion yen, around £20 million.

The Japanese national media lined up at the platform on the morning of departure to film the first journey of train and the fortunate foreigners on board. The luxury train does not accept the registration for the next six months, as it is completely booked. A bunch of European journalists also experienced the launch trip of the luxury train.

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The president of Kyushu Railway Company, Koji Karaike was quite enthusiastic over the launch trip and the features of trains. The train features ceramic sinks influenced from Satsuma porcelain, showers inspired by aromatic hinoki cypress wood, shoji and bamboo blinds and Japanese paper screens.

It was on the insistence of Eiji Mitooka, the designer of train, that such details were given to the train to make each coach seem different. Mr Mitooka was present on the platform while the Seven Stars pulled out.

The Seven Stars features with two luxury suites and 12 en-suite rooms. The occupancy of the suites was decided amid the tense moments through a lottery.

While on the journey on board, travellers were stunned with the sight of splendid green light of rice paddy fields, the volcanic landscape from the ornately-carved bed with Japanese maple.

Kyushu is an exotic place to excite you and if you are on the train’s itinerary, there is a lot packed in. The Seven Stars cover two different routes, the short and the long one. You are offered numerous outings on both the trips. In one of the outings, you are offered a walk on the largest volcanic caldera in the world near the green and fertile terrain of Aso.

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On the longer route, you are offered to spend a night in a traditional Japanese inn or ryokan. The real magic of Kyushu comes alive at the ryokan. The stone paths leading to the wooden houses have a humble vibe. Inside the ryokan, floor is covered with traditional tatami mats and yukata cotton robe offered to all.

The foods in Kyushu are dainty and often decorated with flowers and twigs of maple. Besides taste, texture and appearance are equally elegant. One can taste the some of the best beef and fish at this place.

Overall, the experience at Kyushu Seven Stars is wonderful. The island of Kyushu is itself a wonderful place with abundant volcanoes and bubbling with greeneries.