Tokyo Presenting Smarter Mobility, while Toyota is ready to Steal the Show!

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Rewarded with a smile by exceeding your expectations – says the signature statement of Toyota’s Global Vision. This clearly declares that Toyota’s sole ambition is to deliver better customer satisfaction by exploiting the creative potentials of technological advancement. It endeavours to inspire smart Transport Systems (ITS) that needs combined methodologies for vehicles, traffic environment and people.

Humane Approach is in Demand

The world around us is changing rapidly. Revolving perspective of developed societies, increasing populations, urbanization of developing countries and various energy sources provoke more innovations in technological sectors. Automobiles these days are merely commuting devices but are important to people in search of progressive lifestyle. So, expectations regarding new ideas in automobile industry are raising; people want car, want blended innovations combining technology with sensibility. Creating better cars, therefore, has always been their prime intention as an automaker. To reach the goal the company keeps experimenting with various mobile vehicle technologies with a purpose to offer a safer, comfier, and more ecological mobility to the customers.

Toyota in Smart Mobility Show, 2013

Since inception, Toyota has always struggled to discover the safest and the most responsible methods of transportation, and enrich the lives of the people all over the world. Their honest efforts to meet those increasing expectations and stay ahead have been appreciated by the customers time and again.

According to a recent announcement, Toyota Motor Corp. will be having a stall in the “Smart Mobility City 2013” section; it is the 43rd year of Tokyo Motor Show that has been making a big buzz in the automobile industry over the years. Their intention is to show how vehicles in everyday lives can play bigger roles and how users and the society will benefit from it. Toyota aims to present a glance of future, where transportation blends societal and lifestyle interests.

The Company Gears Up with its Latest Editions:

To carry on with their mission of introducing more environmental vehicles to the society Toyota is planning to present five fresh concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show this year. The list of debutant vehicles also includes FCV, Fuel Cell Vehicle their latest concept of transport. Comprising a number of exciting offers for the car riders, Toyota’s booth in Smart Mobility show is already under wide speculation. And the options on display are:

• Toyota i-Road, a personal mobility vehicle offering a unique riding experience. According to the company it will be making its debut in the Ha:mo urban traffic system.

• Toyota in Motor Show this year will be unveiling “T•COM”, a two-seater developed by the company.

• The “Winglet” is one more attraction of the event to focus on. It is a robot offering ultra-compact personal conveyance assistance to the riders.

The development in information and communication technology has been commendable. The creators’ effort to introduce more comfortable, environmental and hi-tech products are helping human race to move faster than ever. Thanks to the companies like Toyota, who are working hard toward the success of this mission; including vehicles with some superbly advanced technologies like Big Data Traffic Information Service, Voice Recognition Agent, and Smart G-Book,the event will showcase some amazing results of their genuine effort. Some other important exhibits will cover technologies like IPA – Intelligent Parking Assist and ICS – Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

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