Find a Holy Mystery in your Tour to Japan

If you ever go to Japan you can experience all your money not really going away from you, which you spend shopping. It may sound ambiguous, but this is a belief that has its roots deep into the peoples’ mind in Japan. But, to witness such marvel, you have to visit Kamakura, and pay your respect to Goddess Benzai at the shrine of Zeniarai Bentzaiten Ugafuku Jinja, to turn the supernatural soliciting on your favour. Goddess Benzai is one of the seven Gods of good fortune, and revered as the goddess of art, beauty, music, knowledge and anything that is believed to flow.


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Flow of money tends more to get away from you than towards you. It is a common phenomenon we have always witnessed in life. But, the miracle of this place can prove the fact reversed. Performing some specific rituals, according to the systematic worshipping process of this place you are said to get all your money, spent on shopping, back to you by the holy blessing of Goddess Benzai. This belief secured its place in the legends of Japan with the tale of Minamito Yoritimo who received a visionary massage from the God of Ugajin to go a valley to the northwest where a spring is gushing out of the rocks. He was instructed to go there, and worship the god with the holy water to bring peace to the people there.

Natural Beauty of the Place

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The panoramic view of this shrine is serene enough to invite one to immerse into a peaceful ambience of meditation. Located in a beautiful vale to be accessed through a short tunnel burrowed through the hills of Kamakura, the shrine has an entrance embellished with a large stone and tori. Out of the dim tunnel you will find slopes or rocky terrain standing gravely with verdurous growth and acoustic pleasure of water-flow around, perfecting the charm. You cannot resist yourself from wandering about, and there you will find the small alter inset in to the rocks, surrounded by still ponds and a small waterfall.

At the Holy Cave

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On your way to the holy cave you receive a bamboo basket, a packet of incense and two candles against a donation of 100 Yen. After lighting the candles and the incense you are now to enter the main cave where the holy shrine is housed. An unusual coolness of the place will be wrapping you up, and you cannot stop witnessing the beauty of the cave. Golden gourds and origami cranes hanging from the ceiling upon a rocky ledge, resting row upon row of wooden tori, with the rocky walls reflecting the natural rays lit with paper lantern will be enough to transport you to a world of fantasy.

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As the bubbling sound of water attracts your attention to be nearing towards it, you will find a beautiful wooden alter where you have to empty your wallet on the bamboo basket and scoop up some holy spring water to pour over your money and pray. The performance is expected to bring back the money you will be spending on your bills, miraculously again in your treasury. You will have to complete a 25 minute walk from Kamakura station (about 1 hour from Tokyo station by train) to arrive at Zeniarai Bentzaiten Ugafuku Jinja. You can explore the scenic beauty of this place with a rental bike ride after you perform your prayer to the holy shrine.


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