Kagurazaka Slope: One of the Greatest Tourist Attractions of Japan

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Are you planning to go to Japan anytime soon? If yes, then you might want to find out a little about the country before you visit. If you want to visit unique areas of Japan, then it is best to do an in-depth study of the place. There are various places where you can visit but if you want to go to a place that is not too crowded and something other than a castle or a colossal statue of Buddha, then you may consider taking a trip to Kagurazaka Slope. This place is in the middle of the Yamanote line in Tokyo. In this area, years ago, politicians, artists and Geishas used to mingle.

The word Kagurazaka is a combination of two words, kagura and saka. Kagura means ‘a shrine-dance to music’ and saka means ‘hill’. This area of Tokyo is very beautiful. Most of the area had to be rebuilt as it was burned during an air raid in 1920. However, even after restoration, it looks a lot like what it used to look like in the 17th century.

A Kagurazaka festival takes place on a yearly basis every July and is one of the greatest Japan tourist attractions. The festival includes a Hozuki Ichi which literally means ‘ground cherry pod festival’, and parades that feature folk dancers called Awa Odori. The area is great to explore during the time of the festival. As the events of the festival are scheduled in the evening, you can start early in the day to explore this beautiful area. This was the area where Geisha culture or Karyukai was born. Around 1910, around 600 Geisha made this area their home. In fact, till date, a few Geisha houses or Ryotei, still operate out of this area. You can also grab yourself a copy of a walking guide of this place, which will make things easier for you.

Awa Odori, the folk dance, on Kagurazaka Slope

This is the highlight of the entire festival. This local dance is performed by 15 dance troupes who parade down the Kagurazaka Dori.

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Picture Source: bit.ly/2lMS50

Hozuki Ichi

The Hozuki Ichi is hosted near the area around the temple Bishamonten Zenkokuji. You take a lovely stroll through the beer garden and enjoy the fair.

Picture Source: bit.ly/11qXvYZ

Picture Source: bit.ly/11qXvYZ

This is truly a unique and wonderful place to visit on your next trip to Japan. Read up on it before you go, so that it is easier for you.


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