Delicious Foods Compel You to Fall in Love with Japan

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Japanese cuisines were once known worldwide in the form of “sukiyaki” or the more exotic “sushi,” but have become much more popular all across the world, in recent years. Visitors to Japan enjoy a wide variety of foods and appreciate the flavour of raw fish or batter-fried shrimp. However, only a few first-time visitors to the country are familiar with the variety and sumptuousness of traditional Japanese food. Dining in Japan is an over-the-top experience to be savoured for rest of the life.

A wide range of delicious foods compel the visitors to fall in love with Japan. As there are four different seasons in the country, Japan has lots of variations of foods. The winter season is round the corner and first-time visitors need to know about winter-special Japanese dishes. Winter dishes are delicious, mouth-watering and can keep your body warm in the middle of snowy season.

The Chestnut Rice – A Delicious Meal in the Winter

The chestnut rice is a delicious Japanese treat which you can enjoy if you are there in the country during autumn. One can accompany the home-grown and highly nutritious chestnut with Pacific saury, another autumn delicacy.

To prepare the yummy delight for two servings, you will need 360cc of sticky rice, 12 pieces of chestnut, 1 tablespoon each of sake and mirin, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 small cut of kelp.

Once the ingredients are well on the place, wash the sticky rice and leave it for around 30 minutes to dry. Meanwhile, add the chestnut along with boiling water in a pan. Continue the boiling for a few more minutes. Take away the pan from heat and let the chestnut cool down in the cold water. Now, peel off the outer skin from bottom to the top. Peel off another layer of chestnuts as well and put them in water quickly.

Now, put the dried rice in the cooker and add cut kelp, sake, mirin and salt. In the cooker, mix 330 ml of water and add the chestnuts. Switch on the cooker. Then, top the cooked rice with grated black sesame seeds and salt. In the meantime, grill the Pacific saury.

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Enjoy the heavenly dinner with your loved ones. There are many other winter-special Japanese foods that you can enjoy during your stay in Japan. Visit blog from Japan to know more about seasonal Japanese delicacies.


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