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Japan is globally famous for the technological advancements it has made over the years. Besides ultra-modern cityscapes, there are several landscapes, temples and shrines in the country. Japan houses some of the world’s most beautiful places, where cherry and plum blossom during the spring and maple trees covers the entire land with fiery red hues in autumn. Spring and autumn seasons are the most magical times to visit this country.

The highlights of Japan tour are liveliness of cities, serenity and charm of temples, shrines, museums and gardens, the demonstration of technology with a journey in lightning bullet trains and the courteous and polite hospitality of the Japanese.

So, if you are planning a holiday in Japan, you need to know about the tourism in this country in detail. The best way to collect information about Japan is to visit blog from Japan, wherein real-time visitors share their holidaying experience in Japan.

Japanese Tourism Industry is at its Peak

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Meanwhile, tourism in Japan is at its peak. The government’s goal of attracting about 10 million visitors each year is in the sight. According a report, the visitor count in the month of July alone reached up to more than 1 million, which is a record in itself. (Source:

Lots of efforts are being made in public as well as private sectors to draw foreign tourists but there are still some challenges being faced by the authorities. Language related problems are the most pertinent, as most staff members are unable to communicate with tourists in English or other foreign languages.

The Reasons Behind the Strong Rise in Tourists Number

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However, the strong rise in the number of tourists is recorded basically because of availability of low-cost airlines and weakening of the yen. The visa waivers policy introduced in July for the citizens of some countries is also being thought as a potential reason for such strong rise in Japanese tourism sector.

Encouraged with the increasing visitor count, which reached 5.96 million in the period between January-July, a JNTO official was quoted saying, “Achieving 10 million visitors is possible if this pace continues.” (Source:

Hotels are Filled and Revenues for Retailers have Increased

The surge in the foreign visitors has noticeably made a positive impact on the economy, as hotel rooms are filled and revenues for retailers have pushed up.

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The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo recorded an increase of over 20 percent between the period April and July, whereas the Takashimaya department store in Tokyo said that sells figure of duty-free goods reached at a record high in the July month.

Foreign tourists have a huge impact on the economy of Japan; therefore, the government is planning to target more than 30 million foreign tourists each year by 2030.


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