Hot Springs in Niigata is a Beautiful place to visit in Japan

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If you love travelling and want to explore the world, there would have been certain places you would like to visit again or some places which are your dream. Japan is a wonderful country you must not miss! ‘The land of rising Sun’ has so many features and colors that you will be amazed every time you see or know something new. In Japan the old tradition and modern culture walk hand in hand. The entire nation is a marvelous blend of culture, tradition, history and heritage.

A trip to Japan will change your perspective about the tech giant country. Even though you will see highly advanced technology used in the country and well designed high rise towers all around, you will also come across well protected heritage sites, shrines and temples. Japanese people are extremely well rooted to their past. They still believe in age old customs and traditions and willingly follow them.

If you are planning to visit Japan in the near future, study about the country and its culture, lifestyle, tradition and beautiful landscapes. Then note down the names of places you would like to visit and what you are going to do. You may get the information from internet, blogs, travel guides and books etc. However if you are willing to visit the country during a winter holiday, you must not miss a chance to see Onsen Ryokan in Niigata.

Onsen Ryokan in Niigata

‘Onsen’ is a hot spring and ‘Ryokan’ is the Japanese version of ‘bed and breakfast’. Niigata is a beautiful place to visit during the chilly winter weather. Hot spring baths are one of the major attractions of the place. Niigata is one hour and twenty minutes ride away from Ueno station in Tokyo if you go by a bullet train. It is one among the snowiest places in Japan. Niigata is a perfect place you will love if you want to go away from the chaos of the city. The hot spring bath in a snowy weather has a different charm altogether.

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Picture source :

Typical Japanese style is followed to go to Onsen. Ryokans can offer you private as well as shared baths. Jizaikan is one of the best Ryokans in Niigata, having three private baths and two big baths which are shared with two other Ryokans. Outdoor bath gives you an amazing feeling of immersing in warm water with snow all around you. Delicious food is served by these Ryokans in a room on ground floor. If you are willing to enjoy such beautiful moment in the midst of tranquility then Onsen Ryokan is a must visit for you. Read more to get more information about the place and language so that you don’t face any problem.


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