Onsen Ryokan: A Great Stress-Buster for the Weekend Revellers

On the weekdays, hectic and chaotic lifestyle gives people a little chance to relax and explore themselves. Work pressure and other responsibilities take a toll on them. Most people want to spend some time in solitude or with family and friends but find it hard to do so.

When weekend comes, they find a reason to be happy and do of their mind. Relaxing and spending some quality time with loved ones becomes their priority. Almost every part of world functions in the same way.

Japan and Japanese people are not exception to it. On the weekends, they organise parties and go for relaxation and other therapies to reduce stress that has piled up during the week.

Going for weekend spa breaks is quite popular in UK but it is also well-accepted by their counterparts in the East Asian country. Tokyo is by no means less busy than London. Similar to the Londoners, people living in Tokyo go to spas and other place to relax themselves.

Onsen Ryokan in Japan

There are many places in the vicinity of Tokyo where you can go for weekend spa break in Japan, but Kinugawa in Tochigi prefecture houses some of the best ryokan facilities.

This place is famous for Onsen Ryokan and Wakatake no shou is one of the most frequented ryokans by the tourists and local people. This is situated next to the Kinugawa River. Similar to the name, bamboo tress in the garden of Wakatake no shou elaborate its beauty.

You can book an annex where all the rooms are attached with private onsen bathing facility. From the onsen baths at annex, you will have a wonderful view of Kinugawa River and vegetative mountains.

There are shared onsen baths as well at this ryokan. Besides the main bath, there are two separate outside baths for women and one for men. If you do not want to share the public bath, by paying extra money you can use the private onsen baths.

Before using onsen baths, you should be abreast of a few rules. You must take a shower before entering the bath and use of face towels is not considered an ideal choice inside the onsen bath.



There is a sauna next only to outside baths. Other facilities at the ryokan include aroma therapy treatments and lymphatic massages. The latter one is provided with a slimming effect only for women and prior to taking dinner.

Dinner is booked as soon as you check in to stay at the ryokan. Mainly, you will be provided seasonal dishes and there is a monthly change in menu.

After staying there for whole weekend, you will fall in love with the ryokan and plan to visit it more often.

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