A Common Japanese Food Trend to Keep You Fit During Summer

The spring has given way for the summer season to alter and modify one’s lifestyle. The scorching heat of summer is harsh and unkind that requires people to completely change their way of living. Summer in Japan can take a toll on your health, if you do not consumer proper foods.

It’s that time of the year, when people in Japan start wearing short sleeved or non sleeve tops. Summer season also gives you an opportunity to shed certain post-winter weight and fat from your body.

The Kouso diet is common to have in Japan during the summer season. Kouso is a general term for enzyme that can help you reduce fat and maintain the fitness level of your body. The food enzyme that you take from the Kouso diet helps to increase the metabolism of body and burns a great amount of calories.


This diet has certain rules that you need to follow strictly, they are

  • Prefer to have fresh vegetables and fruits each day
  • Kouso juice should be taken as breakfast
  • Your every day diet should include 40 percent cooked and 60 percent non-cooked dishes
  • While eating out, add salad or pickles to the main dish
  • Start your meal by having vegetable dish at first, meat or fish dish comes next and carbohydrates should be consumed at the last
  • Take dinner before 8 PM
  • Try not to include white rice, plain flour and refined sugar in your meal

Kouso juice is a frequent Japanese food and prepared with mixed vegetables and fruits. The vegetables and fruits are diluted with water or coconut juice and green leaves, such as spinach, are common ingredients. This can be prepared in a juicer or a low-speed compression squeezed juicer.

You can choose to start with spinach, papaya, lemon and cucumber. Papaya contains a significant amount Kouso and cucumber helps to improve skin conditions.

Kouso juice is available in different flavours. There are plenty of juice bars where you can go for choicest flavour. While travelling in a train or tube, you can find lots of flavours from the food stalls at stations. The food falls in departmental stores also make you available with different flavoured juices.


You can combine your daily diet with exercise regime and see if any difference is noticed in a few months. This will help you reenergise for the day and you can spend the entire day with a positive frame of mind.

If you start eating out Kouso diet, it’s for sure that you will feel a huge difference in your body shape as well as mind set-up within just a few months.


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