Taste the Scrumptious and Healthy Dishes of Japan!

Did you go through the new book, Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama? The Japanese-born marketing consultant talks about her fitness secrets. She says that it’s not a strict dietary habit or fitness plan behind her svelte figure and youthful looks but the culinary Japanese foods.

It’s not only the Naomi Moriyama but most Japanese women are able to maintain energetic and youthful looks for longer in life. All thanks to the healthy as well as delicious Japanese recipes that have blessed the women-kind of Japan with beautiful looks.

So, when the talk of healthy Japanese food arises, all of a sudden, seasonal vegetables and fruits become topic of discussion. Take a look at seasonal and healthy Japanese food that you may like to taste during your holidays in Japan.

Spring Dishes

As soon as winter paves way for the onset of spring season, marketplaces and supermarkets are flooded with different seasonal fruits and vegetables. Spring bamboo shoot is one of the most popular vegetables in this season. You can prepare a few scrumptious dishes with spring bamboo shoot.


Omelettes are the most consumed dish prepared from this vegetable. You can also go with stewed bamboo shoot with chicken dumplings that tastes truly delectable. Bamboo shoot rice is another popular dish prepared with this vegetable.

You can also go with Peperoncino pasta that is also known as garlic and chilli pasta in the spring season. This scrumptious recipe is prepared from field mustard and Udo.

Rainy season dishes

The heavy down pouring of rain water can have ill effects on your body. To keep fit and fine in the rainy season, Japanese people prefer to have fermented foods, which maintain the energy level in your body. Shio-Koji is a type of fermented salty rice that is widely used in the rainy season dishes.

Shio-Koji beginners can go with Asazuke, that is prepared by mixing together pickled vegetables and Shio-Koji. You can also go for seafood with Shio-Koji Aioli during the rainy season.


Another most-have in the rainy season is Ochazuke that is prepared with chicken breast and Shio-Koji.

Summer season dishes

There are plenty of food choices available in the months of summer. You can go with various fast foods as well as sea foods. Rice dishes remain in the core of summer season.

Winter season dishes

In the chilly winter season, most Japanese people go for the seafood dishes. There are plenty of sea foods available in the market and make great culinary recipes.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/13N0HyV

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/13N0HyV

With a plethora of food options available during each season, you will not face any sort of difficulty in satisfying your taste buds in Japan.


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