Get an Insight into the Japanese Culture through a Blogger’s Eye

The Japanese culture is regarded to be one of the richest cultures in the world. The Japanese culture is a perfect mix of the conventional and modern. Japan is known as the land of the rising sun and this island country is known to boast of a hybrid culture that is influenced by Asia, Europe and North America. The Japanese language is characterised by a distinct pitch system and a vast variety of dialects. The written Japanese language is regarded to be one of the toughest languages of the world.

As said earlier that the Japanese culture has a distinct rich flavour therefore they have a distinct way of celebrating the arrival of the New Year. The Japanese consider that the arrival of the New Year is needed to be marked by welcoming the Year God known as Toshugami in Japanese. Orgianlly, New Year in Japan was celebrated with the sun going down of 31st December. They used to believe that the daytime is for humans and night is for gods.

Happy New Year in Japan

Traditionally, the Japanese start preparing for the New Year celebrations with cleaning their house. It usually used to take place on 13th of December. But today since everyday is busy, they do it a little later. The important thing however is that they clean well. This is done in a careful and proper way because they believe that they are welcoming God in their house. The cleaning starts from the Shinto shrine to the Buddhist altar and finally to the main bedroom and other rooms. After cleaning they are known to decorate the house as well. But remember that the entire purpose for doing all this is primarily to please God.

If you want to buy something online from Japan then there is a strange thing that you will face. Well, if you do not have adequate cash then you will need to make use of your credit card since they do not accept debit cards online. To order something online, you need to only make use of your credit card therefore.


The Japanese food and eating culture is interesting as well. To keep your energy up in humid weather you can try out fermented food like Miso, Soy Sauce, Natto and Shio-Koji. In the hot weather you can also go for food like ochazuke. In the Japanese departmental store that is popularly known as Depachika you will find an amazing selection of ready meals, cakes, fresh food, fresh food, products from all across Japan and a lot more.


It is true that the more you explore Japan the more amazed will you be. The best way to know Japan is through a related blog about Japan and Japanese culture. Therefore, go online, select a blog and there you have Japan within the four walls of your living room.


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